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Some more Questions

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When you buy a Cat from a breeder. How long is the wait before you get it? I would like to go to my Vet the same day I get the Cat.
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As far as a vet visit - most breeders require you to take the cat/kitten to your vet within the first 2-3 days of you picking up the cat.

As far as how long a wait - that depends on a lot of things. When the litter is due, how old the kittens are and what specifically are you looking for (color, sex, pet, show). The wait can be months or years

We are on the list for a show Ocicat male - cinnamon or cinnamon silver. I'll willing to wait for the exact kitten.
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That sounds nice. I will go to my 2nd or 3rd Breed Choices if I have too.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
That sounds nice. I will go to my 2nd or 3rd Breed Choices if I have too.
Are you having a hard time finding available kittens in the future in your first chosen breed? Your search hasn't been that long so far. Did you go to the show? If so, please share what you thought about the cat show
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I didnt go to the Hayward Show. We are trying to go to the San Jose Show this Sunday. If we can not go to that one then there is one in Stockton March 29 or Lodi April 6th. My first choice still is a Sphynx. I did write one Breeder but it has a year waiting list.
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I contacted about 5-6 different breeders for our first Oci. This time around I contacted 3 that were breeding the colors that I wanted. Only one responded and we've talked on the phone.

Don't limit yourself to talking/emailing just one breeder. I'm sure there are others out there with kittens available this spring or summer
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I waited 8 months for Kingston.
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I have to wait until we get a House and we plan on getting a House by July. should I get on a waiting list now?
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Yes by all means get on a waiting list (at least 2). Breeders are usually breeding now or have been the last 2 months and kittens will be due now or another month or two. If you calculate the 2 months being born plus 4 months before getting - you are looking at 6 months. So any litters created in January (due date in March) - 4 months is July.

You might get lucky with a December breeding to hit the June date you want. I usually planned on litters being born April or May.
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I will look for more breeders. I have not seen to many Sphynx Breeders in California.
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Thanks for the Links. It all depends on when we find a House too.
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Honestly, I don't a year is that long of a wait. When you consider that 5 months of that is taken up with pregnancy and waiting for the kitten to grow up before coming home.

There's people on my breeders list who are waiting for the right time to get a kitten, but they have payed the deposit to secure their place on the list.
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I want to make sure we have a House before we get the Cat. We almost had a House last Oct but it did not pass inspection so we backed out.
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I have been waiting for a year and a half. I'm still waiting!
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I will wait. We do notknow how long it will take to get a house.
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We contacted many breeders and ultimately were on a waiting list for two years before we got the Maine Coon kitten we currently have. However, we were looking for something very specific and not as common as other colors, a black female Maine Coon... There were a few litters available sooner from a few breeders but the only solid black kittens they had were all males...
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I just emailed 2 of the Breeders Golden kitty gave me the links too. one must be close to here because the area code is the same as mine.
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