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Feliway Question

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Hmm, hope this is in the right place...

Anyway, has anyone's feliway plug-in left a stain on the wall it was plugged into? I noticed above my outlet this HUGE discollored mark. I wanna know if it's the Feliway or something else.
Here is a pic of what Im reffering to.
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The diffuser does spread the Feliway by releasing it into the air, and it can collect as droplets if there is furniture above it - which makes a great fruit fly sticky trap, BTW.

I have 4 diffusers and not a single mark on my walls as a result. It may well be that you had a defective diffuser.
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I`ll certainly be checking back to see if anyone else has had this problem....we have 2 of them that we want to put in the apartment next month when we move....but if it`s going to do that I`m not sure i`d dare!
We`re you able to get the stain off your wall???
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Does it look like it has done something to the paint, or does it look like there is a residue on the wall that you might get off with the right cleaner? (I looked at the pic but can't tell)
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I have'nt gotten it off yet...not sure what to use.

It would suck if the defuser was was'nt cheap...
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Wow, mine has never done that! I'd be surprised if it did as well, since there's no way it can "spray" - it just heats up and releases vapors from the stick thingy.
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I've used feliway plug-ins in various sockets off and on for the past couple years, and no marks on any of the walls.
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I've had no problems either. The only time i had any residue was when I put up an IKEA medicine cabinet, and foolishly placed it right above the outlet and diffuser... the bottom of the metal cabinet got all greasy-ish. I moved it... I had them in all over this apartment, and have had no issues...

Maybe email the company?

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hm yea, no problems here...

my guess is that it was something else...
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I've had my diffuser for over a year, in the same location, and nothing like that's happened with mine.
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Thanks guys. I'll investigate the spot a bit more then. Almost seems to be comming from that hole in the middle of it.
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