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What is a pill popper?

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I have several cats that hate taking pills. I've now heard of a "pill popper" and SueD talks of "and then using a tablet dispenser thingamy-bob to pop the pill over the back of his tongue and it's over before he knows it "

This is what I need. Does anyone know what it is called and where I can get one.

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I used to have one, it worked great! Too bad I lost it, LOL.

I found this one from a quick Google search, you can probably find them at any pet supply place. I really don't remember where I got mine.
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The best thing ever invented. Ask you vet, that's how we got our's.
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You can also buy treats called "Pill Pockets" which have a hole in them to insert the pill and close the treat around the pill. Since cats don't usually chew, they'll swallow the treat whole and voila! they have taken the pill. Those worked great for us when we had to give 3 Drontil pills to Bijou and 2 to Mika.
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I have one. The bad Vet gave it to me before I changed Vets and it works fine.
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Think it would work for my fiance... he has a terrible time time taking pills too
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I bought one from Dr. Foster & Smith.
But I have no reason to use as yet.
Just bought it to have on hand,
I do have trouble pilling my cat on
some pills, so I just bought it.
I like to buy several items when I
catalog ship, saves in the shipping cost
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I got mine from my vet. I have to admit it has probably saved my fingers from being bitten more than once.
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i have one, too - works great for Pixel. the others are easier to do by hand, so far.
last time i needed mine, i couldn't find it! [have since then, tho] anyway, i used a vaginal suppository inserter, & it worked almost as well!
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I got mine from the vet but I've seen them in Petco and Petsmart.
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