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Anyone feed Felidae dry?

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I'm thinking of adding Felidae dry into my cats' rotation (they already a wide array of wet foods). Has anyone else tried Felidae dry and what do your cats think of it?

Thank you in advance!
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That was Dahmer's food as a kitten. He liked it and it did him good. I couldn't afford it at the time so I switched him to something cheaper but if I had the money I wouldn't have mind keeping him on it.
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I feed only Felidae dry to my kitties, and they love it. Not only that, but they have good teeth, are all a good weight (8-9 lbs), have shiny coats, and are happy, energetic kitties.

Why do you have a rotation of different foods? It's probably better for the cats if you stick to just one food.
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I tried to get anyone here to eat it with no success. Serioulsy, something like 16 cats & no one would eat it!
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Thank you all for your replies.

I feed on rotation for a number of reasons. 1) If there would happen to be a vitamin deficiency with one food, hopefully it gets covered by another. 2) After the recalls, I feel better knowing that my cats aren't eating just one thing. 3) I know that I would get tired of eating the exact same thing day in and day out, and I bet my cats would too.
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I agree with rotation///

I am like Nat... two species and 3 animals two would not touch and one ruined her coat
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I fed Felidae and all my cats really seemed to do good on it, but I decided to get weight off Sara and tried to go grain free and went with EVO before she gained 2 lbs. I would go back to again, grains and all if it weren't for the weight issue. I have to say they did good on this food and it did have benefits for all of their coats.

My dogs are also on Canidae and no plans on switching over right now or any time soon.
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My cats won't touch it... first food I've had that problem with.
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I tried it for my two cats a few years ago, neither of them would eat it and my one cat is not picky. They don't like the canned food either.
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I have not tried the dry, but Riley doesn't like the canned.

I feed a mix of 2 drys, one is always California Natural, and the 2nd one I change every few bags (always grain-free)
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My 2 cats eat it. I bought it about 3 months ago because I wanted an all stage formula with the new kitten. My 6 year old female gets that mixed with other dry and seems to eat it all. She is the fussy one. I noticed the kitten will eat that and leave the purina one kitten in the bowl so I assume he prefers the Felidae. So far no problems or complaints.
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Mine didn't like the Felidae wet either. They don't like a lot of the premium wets. I have tried them all. They prefer gravy ones especially the older one. The 8 month old kitten is a little less fussy and will eat just about anything.
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My house cats ate it with no issues (they will eat anything!), but my barn cats would not touch it. I fed it in the house for maybe 2 years, but have switched. The magnesium is too high and I ended up with two cats that got UTIs/crystals. Since I've stopped using Felidae we haven't had any issues.
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My cats love felidae. They do good one it. Their coats look better. They both already have shiny coats but it makes them more shiny. They are also softer on it as well.
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I've tried both dry and canned. My cats were less than thrilled, though they did eat it.

I also like to rotate brands - I don't want to put all my trust in any one company. I also like to have cats that are used to eating more than one thing, so if I have to switch it won't be too hard on them.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I tried to get anyone here to eat it with no success. Serioulsy, something like 16 cats & no one would eat it!
13 cats here and even the feral cats wouldn't touch it.
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My cats eat Felidae dry and EVO wet. I'm pleased with the Felidae and they're not picky about it, but I've been thinking about switching the dry over to EVO as well, because it's grain free. I haven't decided yet.
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I have 8 cats and one of mine would not touch it.
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That makes me nervous about the UTIs. What's a good dry that is UTI friendly?
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We've had good luck, so far, with Nutro Roasted Chicken.
I'm not a fan of the ingredients, but my one boy would not eat raw so I had to find something he could eat.
Sharky knows the numbers better, but I think you want to find something that has a magnesium level at .085 or less. ??? I'm not quite positive on that number, but that variety of Nutro is good.
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I feed a variety of dry foods, along with canned, and Felidae dry is one of the favorites. I've found that it doesn't keep well once the bag has been opened, i.e., it can turn rancid quickly, so I only buy small bags. Some members have gotten around that problem by breaking a large bag into smaller portions, vacuum-packing them, and then storing them in the freezer.
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I tried switching to Felidae after I switched the dogs to Canidae. Neither of my cats were fond of it and one of my cats is NOT a finicky cat. The ingredients are great though...
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