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Nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs

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OMG i am like freaking out. I start my job today and am already scared and nervous. I hate this, i always do it to myself before something big but i am in the middle of a major anxiety attach. I cant hardly breath, my stomach hurts, i have gas and my bloodpressure is up. Anyone have any suggestions to calm myself before i either puke or something worse?
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Awwwww, stay calm hun!

Take deep breaths! When you take deep breaths, it actually shifts your brain back into calm mode.

Good luck! I'm sure it will be great!
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picture everyone in their underwear?? oh wait, that's something else I'd say just take deep breaths and tell yourself everything will be okay. Good luck!
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I love the title of this thread! I would get out of the house -- I don't know if you have time.. but maybe something physical like taking a walk for 10-15 minutes to clear your head. Music sometimes helps me to calm down too. You'll do great !
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thanks y'all. i dont know why i do this to myself but it always happens, but i know if i dont calm myself before time gets closer i will have to have a change of clothes (yes it gets that bad) and its embarassing to even say. its only going to be a short shift today to get aquainted to the place and people but i am still nervous, and the owner seamed really nice-but she already warned me that there is one particular woman thats really overbearing that usually makes all the new people cry and want to quit until they realize its just her nature and ignore her.
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Originally Posted by hurdyburdy View Post
I love the title of this thread! I would get out of the house -- I don't know if you have time.. but something physical like a walk or bike ride.. or maybe just put some music on. You'll do great !
actually i am fixing to take a quick shower and then take Dixie for a walk before i have to leave. maybe i will take my mp3 player with us.
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Try to listen to a copy of "Stray Cat Strut" - just walk right by with your tail in the air. And remind yourself that as a cat person, your instincts will serve you well. Cat people are incredibly good at picking up on those nonverbal clues; which makes us extra edgy because we tune in to negative energies alot sooner than most. At least you are warned about that one woman who likes to torment newcomers -- I've worked with women like that, reminds me of a couple of cats or two and plenty of DOGS that act like that
Sending you mega calming prayers and vibes
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I'm the exact same when the day I start a new job. I have actually drove by the building 3 times before I could get the nerve up to go in! I just keep trying to remind myself that "you do this every time and it always turns out fine".

I know by now you're probably back from your job did it go???
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I can totally relate!

I remember when I graduated nursing school and was on my way to my very first day at a new hospital "as a real nurse!" OMG! I thought I was going to throw up.

I was on the bus and the closer we got to my destination the worse I felt. I seriously thought of just staying on the bus and going all the way around and back home again!

I probably would have too, except the bus driver knew it was my first day of work after graduating, and he basically kicked me off the bus: he refused to continue on his route until I got out

It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was great in fact. Everyone knew I was "new" and they were all very friendly.

The fear of the unknown was definitely much worse than the reality of once I got there.

You will be just fine
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well thanks everyone, today went good. i even worked an extra hour and made it though dinner rush! Everyone seamed pretty nice and its basically the same ol thing i have done at every cafe i have been at, except this woman is EXTREAMLY efficent. She waists nothing, everything is measured to the oz, and the whole place is kept spickandspan clean. Even the left over food off customers plates is recycled so to speak, she uses it for dogfood because she is a HUGE dog person, and everything from steaks to fries are done by hand, even her hamburgers are hand pressed from fresh beef. After i got there i MADE myself get out of the van, when i went in i felt kinda at a major loss not knowing where to start and started a handfull of dishes and things just went from there. I didnt even break or spill anything, which is a big thing because i am a huge clutz. The first cafe i worked at i was there for about an hour and cut my hand almost to the bone on a broken wine glass.
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