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Fable's lost some weight!

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We took Fable to the vet right before Christmas for a check up and were told he was fine but needed to lose a bit of weight, I think he was about 7kg and needed to lose 1kg, he's naturally a big cat. We put him on the light biscuits that the vet recommended and are only feeding him twice a day and he's definitely lost weight! He's always been an aloof kitty but he's started playing again and purring for me, I've caught him a few times on the cat tree upside down with his butt sticking out of the hole in one of the platforms. It's great to see him happier and more active!

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Fable's the one on the left.
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that's brilliant to hear that it's made such a difference to him!

well done to fable and you!
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Thanks ! He makes me feel guilty though sometimes because he acts like I'm starving him to death. When I give Jupey food in the kitchen Fable sits in the living room and looks through the glass door at us, he meows as if I'm the worst mum in the world.
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i know it is hard. my shinobi is a little porker and the vet has said that i need to watch his weight. he is ok now, but potentially could get overweight. however milo is a slimline little thing. seems to eat as much as shinobi but doesn't gain the weight. sounds familiar to me!

but you are seeing the benefits that include lengthening fables life. it's all good!
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