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"No tools required" desk

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I really needed a dedicated study area since our dining room table is too high to sit at comfortably and I end up slouching on the couch.

Because our spare room will one day be a baby room I didn't want to spend much on a study desk, so bought a $60 "no tools required" cheapie from Office Depot.

2 hours later I've finally finished putting it together.

Rather than tools it has lots of wooden dowels that need glueing in, those metal "Lock-Tite" screws that are really hard to tighten, and many pieces of wood that come together to make the desk.

We had 3 kitties supervising the entire thing of course, sitting on the bits that I needed, batting away the wooden dowels, chewing on the corners of the desk...

Even scaredy cat Lily who hates noise and too much movement was in watching the whole thing.

Next time I'm just going to get a desk that I can hammer together, or go Ikea - at least Ikea is quick to put together!
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OMG! I can so relate to that.

In the mid 1990's I used some of my HBC rewards to get a swivel TV stand. Apparently all you needed was a screw driver and a hammer and some wood glue in order to piece it together because like your's there were wooden dowels and metal brackets/hinges to screw on.

Well, the hole in the bottom for the swivel thingy wasn't large enough, nor were the holes for the screws. And trying to use a screwdriver on thick pressboard is not at all easy especially when you are having to make bigger holes.

I ended up borrowing my brother's electric drill to make larger holes and to make the hole for the swivel thingy about 1/4" deeper and about 1/6" wider all the way around!

I so miss the days when you ordered a piece of furniture it arrived assembled. Now everything comes in a flat box!!
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