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Help needed in California

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Hello, there are 2 feral cats in my neighborhood, both of which need help! One has been hurt badly -- one of its back legs is obviously broken/mangled -- and the other cat is pregnant! I would like to catch and help both cats, but I can't catch either one. I leave food out for them and they are both eating, but they run when they see me. Is there anybody in Northern California (I'm in Oakland) that can help me catch and help them?
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Please call the humane society and ask for a humane trap. Put some canned cat food in the trap (fish, in this case) and leave it close to the house. You will probably catch the wrong animal a night or two, but don't give up, please!

Ask the humane society if there is a vet who will donate his services or give you a good rate. If you feel that this is too expensive, there is a list of no-kill shelters at the top of this page. However, some have a specific limit of expense they will incur for the care of an animal. These are things you will want to consider. I do hope you can get help for them! Please let us know.
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Click here for an excellent thread LDG put together. It describes steps to take to trap feral cats. I think if you follow these ideas you will have success.

Good luck and bless you for caring.
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Any update on these cats?
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Please try the SPCA -- (415) 554-3000, they could help, most probably. They have very sensitive traps that are used for trapping ferals to be spayed or neutered!

Good luck and thanks for being an angel!!


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