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You Probably Wont Remember Me

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Hey everyone,

You probably wont remember me, but a few months ago we had a ragdoll of ours have a litter of kittens.

They were crossbred with a domestic shorthair (she got out of the house). There were 2 kittens and one went to my nan and we wanted to keep the other for ourselves. We named the one that we kept - Crocodile!

Yeah, well when the kittens were weaned, we took the little one to my nan. She lives 6 hours away from us.

We had to leave Lilly outside, with a person who fed her night and day. But, being outside, she got pregnant again.

I know I told everyone that she was going to be desexed after the litter.... But Im sorry - my parents didnt do it.

But now after this litter, she will be going to the vets.

Just letting you know that she is now nestling in a box. So not long and she'll have ANOTHER lot of babies... I really cant wait to get her desexed because she has changed and not been interested in snuggling up on the couch anymore. I really liked her before she got all hormonal. So now i cant wait!

And guess what!?! The vet has taken me in for work experience for 2 weeks!
How cool is that! They gave me a mini interview and reviewed my agriculture and other marks and agreed!!
I might just be there for Lilly's desexing! Wouldnt that be amazing!?!?

But im really upset that she got pregnant again.. Please dont get angry at me, I couoldnt afford it, i didnt have enough pocket money and my parents were too slow. But now, my dad has had enough and is going to get her done asap!

I hope you are all still friends with me!
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Is the kitten you kept desexed? If not, I hope you take him/her in the same day as Lilly. And please don't let Lilly outside again until she's had the operation.

Sending vibes she has healthy kittens
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Hello, Kizza, welcome back! Of course we wouldn't be angry with you about something that was out of your control. I'm just thankful Lilly will be spayed this time, as soon as possible, after the delivery of her kittens. Thank you for being so responsible and educating your family about the importance of this procedure.

What a wonderful opportunity to be able to work with your Vet for two weeks! This will be a terrific experience for you!
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Ok we won't jump on you, but PLEASE don't let it happen again. Set up a spay appointment now with vets so you can be sure and keep it.

I don't understand WHY she had to be put outside again before being spayed when you took the kitten to your nan. That doesn't make any sense to me.
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I've added her to our "Kitten Watch" thread: http://thecatsite.com/forums/showthr...122520&page=28
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Thank you all.

I was actually hoping i didnt get replies like GoldenKitty45's but obviously, someone had to have a go. Not everyone can be nice.

She had the kittens last night. She always has small litters. There was 3 in the last litter and 2 in this one. Its a good thing!

There is one small black and white, and one that is white with the siamese chocolate pointed tail and one ear... We are keeping them both and putting them on the farm to kill mice.

Yes, the one we kept is desexed. These 2 will be too. One is a boy and one is a grl (so far, I know they are hard to tell) So we will have 4 cats.
All 4 will be desexed soon.

Lilly is very proud and is letting us touch her kittens too, but we've only touched twice, they are going to be left to grow up with their mum!

They are really healthy and already crawling FAST!!! The other batch was a bit slow!
So yeah.... I will try to get pics soon!
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I'm glad everyone is doing well. Please do post pictures when you can.
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