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Goodwill! I love it!!

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I had to go get a prescription filled today and it was a 20 minute wait, so I figured I'd go 2 stores down to the Goodwill store. I got a very nice Champion sweatshirt (green), a Gap hoodie sweatshirt (black), a gorgeous blue sweater for DH, 2 books and a pretty woooden heart with flowers and a shelf for a candle (for the wall) all for under $15.00! I was so excited!! I really don't have extra money right now to buy clothes, and I really didn't need any but the Gap sweatshirt by itself would have cost $30-$50 at least brand new.

My best friend thinks its terrible that I buy clothes from Goodwill sometimes. She thinks that means I'm poor...well, after paying the mortgage payment, the rest of the bills, going to the market, getting the cat and dog food and filling up 2 cars with gas...yes, I'm POOR!
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i'd call you smart!
Target has many of their long sleeve tops on sale right now... i bought about 8 tops yesterday - a couple of lightweight sweaters, plus long sleeve tees.
i prefer long sleeves since my weight loss - i'm cold a lot of the time, & i have some major 'butterfly wings' on my upper arms that cause difficulty with short sleeves.
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I absolutely love Goodwill! We go almost every Saturday when they have their 1/2 off day.
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lol i just dropped off 2 boxes of brand new colthes , that i never wear to goodwill
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One of my SIL's said sears and old navy are having some really good prices now.
I guess with the economy not enough people are shopping!!

I dropped some stuff off last week at Goodwill but didn't pop inside. The two stores in Appleton are more like department stores and one has a book section that takes up about 25% of the store. I usually look at the books, craft items and vases,dishes. Sometimes you get lucky and find something good!!
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Lol 90% of my clothes are hand me downs from cousins, aunts and friends. Clothes is expensive. I rather spend the money on my cats lmao.
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I don't blame you. I bought some new tops at Old Navy around Christmas and the quality is lousy. I would have been better off going to Goodwill and getting quality stuff like you did at a fraction of the price.
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As I mentioned before, I grew up dirt poor. Maybe even poorer than dirt. But all the best clothes I ever had came from GoodWill, Salvation Army, and some church charities.
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Another poor one lol....

I wish we had a decent Goodwill near us! I used to shop there regularly when I was younger....I see nothing wrong with it, at all!
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I wish there was a Goodwill or Salvation Army store around here. My mom and sister have found some terrific buys on books, furniture, aquariums, vases, cutlery, etc., and I know my sister sometimes buys clothing there.
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I love Goodwill , not so much for clothing, but definitely for household items and books. My BF loves vintage clothing; I'd say about 90% of his wardrobe is from secondhand stores.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
I absolutely love Goodwill! We go almost every Saturday when they have their 1/2 off day.
You sound like me when I first moved in with my old boyfriend. We had nothing...2 plates, 2 forks, 2 get the idea. I LOVED going to Goodwill every weekend and basically furnished and decorated our apartment from there. Of course, when we broke up 4 years later, I had more "junk" than I could possibly ship back home. So, back to Goodwill it went!
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I love thrift stores as well.

This made me think of something my DH told me. My SIL is all about the labels--even bras and panties. I think its crazy--of course she makes $80,000 a year and I make $25,000. Anyway I brought home some very fancy (not) Hanes panties and my husband said, "thats one of the many reasons I love you, you're excited about panties you bought in a 6-pack for $6 at Target--you don't need no victoria secret!"

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Wow...I haven't been to a thrift store in years...

I should check out our local ones. There's plenty of ridiculously rich people around here and I'm sure I could get their stuff for super cheap.
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Have you guys ever heard of "Freecycle"???

It's a mailing list in your area where people post about things they no longer want/need. Likewise you can post about something you may need that someone may not. I have received an exercise bike, and have donated a sandbox and little tykes house my kids outgrew. There are also people that offer clothes they outgrow before taking them to Goodwill.

Check out the Yahoo Groups and see if you can find a freecycle in your area.
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I tried to edit my previous post but something isnt let me edit... anyway...

check out to see if you can find one in your area!
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