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Let Me In!

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That cute cat from the wake up video is back!
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I love it!
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This is to funny
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I love these videos!!! I would pay for a collection of them - I think that Simon's cat is related to JC
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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Love these so much but didn`t know where to find them.
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I love those cat videos! Really great work
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Those Simon's Cat's videos are so good!
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I love those! I wish they'd make more of them!
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So funny! I really hope this guy keeps making more. He obviously knows his cat well...
My little nephew was giggling so hard watching this that we all laughed even harder.
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...prettie funnie!...
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You know if you use FireFox, there is an easy downloader for those videos, right?
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OMG!!! Did you notice...Simon's cat had a gnome!!!

That was cute!
I can't wait to send that one to all my friends!
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Gosh... profound insight into feline behavior PLUS the possession of a GNOME... could it be that "Simon" is... among us?
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That's some strong, clever cat, especially to grab the lawn gnome!!!

I emailed this and the other one to my sister, who is a graphic design instructor at a local university! She's not a cat person, but she LOVED the humor and passed them along to a colleague who is an animal lover.
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Yeah, I could see that if I had outdoor cat. Funny.
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OMG!!! That is so funny!!! I loved the wake up call cat, and this one is hysterical too!
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I love those videos, hillarious!

I love how they had a gnome in there too
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That's great!!!! I love the excitement of the kitty when he finally decides to come in
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Too funny!
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So how many people emailed the link to friends and family? I got in trouble with one of the other teachers today, because I recommended the video to one class this morning, and when he had them research "board of directors" on the Internet, most of them went straight to YouTube and watched the video!
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