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calling g-pig experts-I need help-

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Are there any specific ways to tell if a guinea pig is pregnant without a vet exam. Im wondering because Gracie just had her beautiful little boy...I am still keeping those two separate from Lacy who seems to be growing a bit more every day she is very very round and much bigger then when we got her...feeling her stomach it seems like there is deffinately something in there and I thought I saw it move anytime I get her out and feel her stomach she goes to pee immediately after I put her back if not on me before I get her back in there....Im just not sure how to tell. If she is not pregnant she has a major weight problem. Im a bit worried about her
thanks so much for your help!
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I wanted to add we have a 10 day old male guinea pig who is still with his mother...We do NOT have any other male pigs both Gracie and Lacy are female and Cody the baby is male and will be going to his new home in 10 days if not sooner.
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From your description it sounds like it is likely she is pregnant. If there is any chance she is pregnant I would definitely increase her vitamin C supplementation . Pregnant guinea pigs require double the normal amount of vitamin C.

Here are a website with some information that might help:
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It sounds like she might be. Typically pregnant guinea pigs will begin to look pear shaped and her sides will begin to bulge. I would recommend you increase the amount of calcium she's getting, by adding some alfalfa hay to her current hay supply and possibly putting her on a baby guinea pig pellet for a few weeks or until she gives birth.

Male guinea pigs usually aren't sexually mature until about 21 days old; at that time it's mandatory you separate them, otherwise the mother will be stressed by back to back pregnancies (she goes into heat immediately after giving birth).

There's some really great information on Guinea Lynx, which you might find helpful.
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