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Debris Shelter

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Well, several of my former stray ferals like to go outside with me while I work in the yard.

Husband was cutting trees today and I used some of the remnants to make a debris shelter for them.

They absolutely love it. I don't have a lot of pics of this but I had 14 cats outside with me today lounging around playing while I made this. They lay inside it, walked on it and enjoyed it throughly.

And since it is totally disposable, I can also revamp it anytime I wish.... or even move it...

They did not want to come back inside when it was time. I had to coax them out of their play house.... It's about 7' long and about 3' to 4' tall with sloping sides on the interior...

I'll try to get some pics of them playing in it.. but it won't be today..

And to avoid any misunderstanding, this is not meant to be any type of winter shelter. This is only a playhouse.

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I LOVE it!!!! BTW, I'd like to use your idea & make one in the playpen for MY ferals.
I did something similar for the songbirds in my yard; I read the idea in a book written by an Englishman whose neighbor fed birds and was worried that the Englishman's cats would catch them, but who also enjoyed the visits from the cats. I simply piled the prunings from our fruit trees at the edge of the yard; the birds LOVE them - I have caught the hawks on numerous occasions perched on top of the pile, with all the birds safely huddled at the bottom, including finches, quail, sparrows, blackbirds, grosbeaks, it's amazing how they all learn to hang out together & get along when the hawks come buzzin' in - even though they sometimes have range wars at the feeders
Who is the cutie in the shelter?? Those are some amazing stripes - just like a tiger's
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Ever the cat lover, of COURSE you come up with great ideas for your former ferals! That is so cool!

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I want to make one bigger with pallets on the groud with a tarp over it and then tree trimmings on top of the tarp. ......... so the ground will stay dry.

And that great striped kitty is Dovey. She is a real mess. Personality plus. And quite an avid talker. I moved her into my house when she was about 12 hrs old and that has been nearly three years ago. She has never been anywhere else. She has always been tame but since she has lived her whole life with ferals in the house she has many feral characteristics. The main one is her absolute fear of anyone but my husband and I.. I have loved her and held her before she could see or hear me. I used to put her and her sister in my pocket when her mama was outside getting fresh air. I kept them wrapped and warm since they were born in cold weather... Their mother is 'mama' who was a tame pregnant dumped cat. She had them on my porch and they promply came in and claimed my back room and I made a closet for their first bed. Mama knew they were safe there and she acted real grateful that I was helping her. We still have them all.

Angie, Dovie and Mama........

And if you look real close, there are two cats there. Dovey is in the door and Angie is inside sitting a little further over. She blends in.......

Angie usually follows me around wherever I go. She still sleeps beside me at night under the covers like she did as a kitten. She is a real snuggler and absolutely loves kisses. Dovey is more independent. But she still sleeps on my husband's hip at night. But on top of the covers so she can keep on eye on things.
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