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Any owners from Canada?

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Hi all,
I have been on the search for Canadian owners to chat about pet care. As you all probably know, sometimes having pets in Canada can be more difficult...I have chinchillas (which are considered exotics) so I know ALL about this. However, I have found that finding cat products can be a little hard as well. For example, I am looking for an Innova distributor and have hit nothing but roadblocks.
Anyway, if you're in Canada, say hi!
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I'm sorry, I don't really know what Innova is?

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That's ok! It's a brand of food...a friend of mine in BC can get it, but I haven't found it here yet.

I knew there had to be at least one other owner from Canada on here.
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'owner'? of chinchilla's or cats? I'm in B.C. Canada, HI!
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I did a search on it and apparently we're having the same luck, lol. :tounge2: I found one distributor online in Canada, but when I clicked on it I got a 404 error. Figures.

Good luck with your search!
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A site that might ship it to you:

"Shipping of pet food is difficult and expensive, so we would urge you to order it locally. However, if you cannot find good food and are willing to pay shipping charges, we can talk to you further about some options."

But they're in Ontario so it would probably cost an arm and a leg to get it shipped to Alberta.

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Found one in Alberta!!!!!!!

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Pet Express - In BC but will ship.
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Hi, I'm in Vancouver B.C.
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Welcome fellow Canadian!

I found a list of stores in Alberta that are authorized Natura dealers (the makers of Innova). Here's the list Natura/Innova Dealers

Here is the main website for Natura Pet Products: Natura

You can also ask your local pet store if they will order in the product for you. Usually if many customers start requesting a product the store will begin carrying it because of the demand.

Good Luck!

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Wow!! Thanks everyone! I wil definitely check out those sites.

Tamme, I was looking for cat owners...but I also have chins, a dog, fish, and a fiddler crab.

It's so nice to see so many Canadians here. Interesting that several of you are in BC...I have a pet owners forum for Canadians and we have a huge proportion of members from BC compared to the rest of the province.

Anymore lurkers out there?
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Hi, I'm in Surrey B.C!
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FROM ontrio canada
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Hi all! I love living in Canada, but frankly, I'm a little sick of this cold snap we're having! I just want it to get about -20...PLEASE! Anyone actually having nice weather?
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It's 0°C here, with a -4 wind chill! We have gotten 1 1/2 inches of snow tonight. It's freezing! My kitties are happlily gazing out the window, this is Hercules' first snowfall, and he's excited!
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Another Ontarian here!
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Wow, lots from BC, and lots from Ontario. You all on the West coast are so lucky to be having such nice weather.
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I thought I'd mention for all you Canadians, I have a site that is geared towards Canadian pet owners of all kinds. You are more than welcome to join. It is by no means meant to be in competition to this site (I could never keep up!) but just a friendly community of Canadians. We also welcome members not from Canada as well. Anyway, I am looking for some good cat experts (especially when it comes to nutrition) so if you feel you can contribute something, by all means jump right in.
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I will sign up as soon as I can!
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Howdy! I live in Montreal, Quebec. If you thought YOUR winter was tough, we've got hip-deep snow and our high today is -10 w/o the wind chill!
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yea I just moved to Canada from NY a year ago.
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Another Canuck here- from Eastern Canada. The southern tip of Nova Scotia, actually. We've had a really bad winter this year- we usually get very mild weather and very little snow, but this year we got dumped on. I would be perfectly happy if I never saw another snowflake for the rest of my life

On my way to check out your site now
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Hey there Candy (your name is making me hungry). I hope you can find a distrutor for the food for your furbabies! I hope I get a chance to check out your site (extremely busy at work - can't even check in here too often!)
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Hi everyone!

It's awesome to see all of you! I have only seen a couple Canadians surfing on the board but it looks like there's a pretty big population here. I definitely feel for all of you in the East. Our winter has been very, very mild. This has been the worst weather we've had all winter...so I shouldn't be complaining.
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B.C. here, I'm about 4-5 hours from Vancouver, and I was born on Vancouver Island. I also have family in Alberta
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Wow, there's a lot of us! I find it strange that there are so many from BC and Ontario, but the rest of the provinces are almost non-existent. I find this on my board as well. There is at least one member from each province (except up north) but the members from BC and Ontario are hugely disproportionate. I wonder why?

Flywater, where did you move to? And how are you liking it?

Adymarie, thanks for the luck. I think I found one about 1/2 hour away. I'm planning on taking a look possibly this weekend.
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Hi I am Anita from montreal Quebec! I know what you mean about finding cat supplies!
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Hehehe, it can be quite troublesome sometimes can't it?! I also own what is considered an "exotic" so I'm getting used to the lack of supplies. Is there anything in particular you are looking for Anita?
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I'm not looking for anything specific now, but when I first got my cats, in september, I did quite a bit of searching for things I wanted! I also built with my husband, a cat tree, a cat ladder with pole for climbing (5 ft tall)and a condo with post for sleeping! I will post pics soon! The only thing I would still like to know, is if anyone knows were you could by good quality cat food like solid gold or felidae here in montreal? Shipping heavy food bags online I think would rise the cost up too much! Right now I feed my cats medi-cal from the vet..

also a good nail clipper??, the ones at the vet look a little too big..
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Originally posted by cookie
The only thing I would still like to know, is if anyone knows were you could by good quality cat food like solid gold or felidae here in montreal?
Here are two links to premium cat food.

Merchants in Quebec who sell Natura/Innova products:

Innova - Quebec

For Solid Gold, I only found one dealer:

Solid Gold Quebec
Address : 3829 Principale, Durham, Quebec,
Phone : 450-295-2818

Hope this helps!

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