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Woman sues casino

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http://www.etruth.com/Know/News/Story.aspx?id=441863 Why can't some people take responsibility for their own actions.
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But why take personal responsibility when you can blame someone else and make a 20X profit?
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I wouldn't give her a single dime if I was on the jury for this case. Nobody forced her to go the casinos.
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Addiction is sad, but I highly *doubt* that she wasn't getting warned. TV stations will air PSAs about Gambling.

I remember one saying "I set limits so I can have fun".

This lady sounds like a mental case to me the way she's talking about swerving herself into oncoming traffic...if she survivied would she sue the people she hit as well? After all it was their duty to get out of her way for their own safety...
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I saw that on a talk show today, and it made me so angry!! I love gambling, a little too much, and I have gotten myself in trouble with it. But, I'm not going out trying to sue the local bar I go to because I lost money in the machine and someone "should have stopped me". That is just rediculous, and if she even wins I will have NO respect for the legal system in the US.

Of course they aren't going to stop her and she had to know she had a problem. Heck, I knew I had a problem which is why I stop going to places where I can gamble, unless I do have extra money, and when that's gone (and it usually is) I STOP.

When my mom died, I was left her entire estate, including her 401k, her savings account and 2 houses. I went through her 401k and her savings account in months, because the way I dealt with her death was to ignore it and spend hours playing the poker machines. And, I did win sometimes...that is what feeds it. You win one night, and you NEED to go back the next day because "that machine was hitting good!". It took me a while to realize that isn't the way it is. They hit....maybe once every few months. So, a few months after her death, I was broke and still had the bills to pay for 2 houses, taxes to pay, etc. I scraped through it, and came out on top, but I will NEVER use gambling as "therapy" again.

So, I can understand what she was feeling, but it was her fault, not the casinos. (I have NO idea why I shared that, but there it is).
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Uh. No. I stopped reading at the part where she said "the casinos had a duty to care for me". FALSE! They are a business. If you're in my store, I have a duty to help you find what you're looking for, be friendly, etc. I do not have a duty to notice if you haven't slept or eaten, and even if I did notice, no duty to feed you or remind you to sleep.

Ostensibly, if you're in a casino, you're an adult. So, the casino has no responsibility to make you take care of yourself, and it isn't a replacement parent.

I smell a loss in her future.
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I'm not sure, but is it restless leg syndrome that has a medication with a side effect "may cause urge to gamble"? Maybe she was taking that.

Seriously, she screwed up, not the casinos.
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I think she might be hoping to use the precedence that restaurants and bars can be held civilly liable if someone gets too drunk at their establishment and then hurts someone else. In other words, she expected to be "cut-off" by the casino; but that scenario wouldn't work because a person's finances are not physical manisfestations like inebriation is.
She should be charged with filing frivolously
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