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Force of Nature

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We adopted a kitty named Zouger a while back. He will be a year old in about 4 months. We have another fully grown cat named Coco. They had issues and worked them out and live civilly together now. Zouger has the kitty equivalent of human ADHD. He uses the litter box just fine, but also pees in frustrating places. My work shoes were the first victim he claimed. The next was a multiple repeat offense in a corner of a closet that we converted into a kitty playground. And then just today he decided to go into my girlfriends purse and not only give it a good soaking, (twice- there was a huge lighter stain and a smaller darker one) but also shred all the paper inside. Ruined was a book, tax papers, receipts among a gamut of other things. I was made very aware of the fact that the cat is MINE and that I need to do something about it. Zouger is neutered, happy, and quite healthy, but when he randomly pees out side the litter box, he goes for the kill. What can I do to curb these spontaneous peeing sprees?
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How many litter boxes do you have? He may need for each....ummm...occasion. Also, if he isn't neutured yet, that may be the problem.
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we've got 2 litter boxes, one for each cat. coco's is in the playcloset and zougers is in our bathroom. neutered = yes.
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You could try giving him an extra litter box...sometimes they won't do a pee and a poo in the same one.
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he does. or at least he did... is this something he might grow out of? because the idea of removal was bounced off of my head...
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At six months of age, he should be grown out of it. He may be trying to tell you he has a bladder infection. or some other problem which could be cleared up with a round of antibiotics. Let us know wht the vet tells you!
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Peeing outside the box may be behavioural or a health related issue. First thing, is to get him checked at the vets to verify that it is not a heath issue (ie: crystals). Many cats start using other areas to urinate because they are in pain when they use the litter box.

Sometimes, the location of the litter box is also not ideal in the cat's mind or the litter that is being used is not to their standard.

When we brought home our two cats last November, the male kitten Steve starting peeing outside the litterbox, on our bed.

The first thing I did was add an additional litter box by our bed. The second thing I did was change the litter (we were using Worlds Best) to Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter ( For us, that solved the problem. When we opened the bag of the new litter and dumped it into the litter box, both our cats jumped in to use it at once! It really did attract our cats and we haven't had an issue since.

So, check with your vet that it's not health related.
Add another box, in a quieter, out of the way area.
Change litters.

If that doesn't work, then it may be behavioural and you will have to work with your vet on finding the reason. You may want even add Feliway plugins to your home, which might also help, but you'll have to find the root cause to treat this.

Good luck!
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I agree with using Cat Attract litter - the stuff works wonders!

Also get him checked by a vet. I had a cat with a urinary tract infection that was peeing on ceramic surfaces. The first vet check showed nothing and the behavior continued. But a while later, I had a recheck and asked for antibiotics. Once thru that treatment, he stopped the bad behavior.
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I had litterbox issues with my boy when I adopted him. I can only add to the suggestions of (a) vet check, (b) adding a litter box (maybe even getting new ones altogether), (c) clean clean clean with an enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle, (d) possibly looking into a Feliway diffuser, as the poor little guy may be stressed - could be picking up that your girlfriend, understandably, isn't his biggest fan right now, and (e) Cat Attract litter - the stuff really works. Also, there's a Kitten Attract version now, that may be worth a try. You can pick up this litter at Petsmart normally.

Best of luck to you - and thank you for your patience with him. And tell your girlfriend thanks for her patience as well.
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