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All About Pets Show - Toronto

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It's that time of year again!

Anyone in the Toronto area planning on going? I'm going to try to make it out this year, since I missed last year. It all depends if my tiles (that are on backorder) arrive from Home Depot. If they do, we'll be completing the solarium floor, but if they don't I'll be going.

Here's the link with details:

All About Pets
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Great idea Kass! I do have that weekend off (if my schedule doesn't change).

It would be nice to see everyone again
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I am not sure yet, I am working for the shelter at the Ancaster one this coming weekend so won't get anything done - will depend on my schedule for the week
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That sounds like a lot of fun. If any of you guys go, please take a few pictures of the cat show part. And check for any Ocicats there
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I'm out of the country right now, otherwise I'd be going. We had a great time last year and a good turnout. I hope it's a good meet-up this year. We should make it an annual event.
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It will depend on what day it is that y'all decide to get-together. Being Easter Weekend we have an annual standing commitment to get together with my hubby's family and this year is also his mom's 80th birthday which happens to fall about the same time so we are having a double celebration. We usually do the family thing on the Sunday (March 23) so if you folks are getting together on the Saturday, I would love to catch up with everyone.
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If anyone is going to the Ancaster one this weekend I am 'visiting' in the morning and working in the afternoon at the show on Sunday
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
If anyone is going to the Ancaster one this weekend I am 'visiting' in the morning and working in the afternoon at the show on Sunday
I didn't realize there was one in Ancaster this weekend. Where is it being held Eithne?
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I can't believe it's that time of the year again! i'm definitely going to have to put that in my calendar!! I had a blast last year!!
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Ancaster Fair Grounds it is the Hamilton Cat Fanciers Show
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It would seem as though not many are interested in meeting up this year. I was hoping to go on Saturday so if anyone wants to meet up, let's have a show of hands.
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Unfortunately, I won't be able to go on Saturday. We'll be doing the tile project Friday afternoon/Saturday morning and then be heading out of town after that.

Rob and I will be going to the show on Friday.
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I will be going on either Friday or Sunday.. I'm not sure which day yet.. my ride has yet to get back to me.

I didn't meet up with anyone from TCS last year.. but I still had a blast. It was awesome.
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I went today. It was great.

I have some pictures that I can upload if anyone wants to see them.
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Of course we want to see.
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I thought we had asked to see pictures if you guys went....of COURSE we want to see them
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Sorry for the late response. Been sick all weekend.

Some Nove Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers


A Dogue De Bordeaux (I want one so bad!)

Red Merle Australian Shepherd

German Shepherd Dogs

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Coton de Tulears

Massive turtle. He was 15 years old and like, 100lbs or something.

Saint Bernard

A mastiff from the st johns ambulance therapy dogs

My battery died before I was able to get any pictures of the cats. But there were some gorgeous cats there. I saw so many Rexes, it was insane.

As well as a huge python and bearded dragons, and hundreds of species of birds.
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i love the picture's!
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