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Bare Belly

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Over the past few weeks my cat 's belly is becoming bare. Shes loosing hair on her belly, and now you can see a few of her nipples. Anyone know whats going on with kitty?
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i know puppies will loose their hair from staph but dunno bout kitties. maybe an allergy?
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Is she overgrooming?

A vet visit would be the best thing to diagnose this.
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Could she be pregnant? They loose hair around the nipples before giving birth.
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Sounds like you have some great advice.

I'm not sure how much hair she is loosing, but I have noticed that Enzo will have a bare belly no and again. He's a tad overweight and will get to playing rough and litterally scratch hair off his own belly. I notice fluff balls of his belly fur around his favorite play areas.
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