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the runs and stinky butt - Pennie's thread

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O.k., Pennie is due any time. For the past 5 days or so, she has had the runs. It wouldn't be so noticeable, but she hasn't been able to clean her butt for well over a week. And, she flips when we do it. I mean, we might as well be pulling her limb from limb by the way she acts. So, is my only hope that she will have her babies soon? We've seen movement for a week, felt it for almost 2. We've had her 9 weeks today and were told she was pregnant when we got her. Because she was an outside-only cat before, we let her out when we first got her. After she went missing overnight, we kept her inside. The last day she was out was 8 weeks ago yesterday. So, if she got pregnant here, she could have over a week left. Ugh. I hope not. I wanted to take care of someone else's mistakenly pregnant cat, not make the mistake myself. Guess I just needed to rant and say that I'm tired of a stinky cat.
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Rags has also had the runs on and off. She can't reach around to clean it either. Just like Pennie, she won't let me do it. I got a stinky butt cat too!
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Can I join the club??? Dill is the same way......Gosh I hope its soon
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If you have had the cat for 9 weeks and she was pregnant then, she should be having them now. Unless they just saw her mate with the tom before you adopted her, the first sign of pregnancy is at 3 weeks, which would put her very past due!

Cats are usually pregnant 63-68 days (approximately 9 weeks). Some may go over that for a day or two but if its more then 70 days - mom may be in trouble.
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It's a big "IF." I don't know that she was pregnant, I was taking his word for it. I had a vet tech over last week and she guessed that they *heard* her mating, which was their indication. At that time, she checked for milk/colostrum, and found none. She's getting ready, but not there yet. I will keep an eye on her, but I think we're right on schedule. Her last time outside was just over 8 weeks ago, which may give her another week before she's due.

I don't really know her conception date. Wish I did!

A question - How long after they mate does it take for them to go out of heat?
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Today I noticed her milk is coming in. She's getting bags. I fully expect them by the end of the weekend, hopefully in the next 2 days.
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Rupy had her babies about 3 days after her milk came in... You are getting close!
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We are getting close. I'm still waiting for some of the classic signs. Right now she's lying on our tile floor all day, sprawled out for all the world. She's out of sorts, acting partly needy, mostly tired.
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