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toilet training??

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So I've heard you can train some cats to actually use the toilet instead of a litterbox. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any tips on how to get started?
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Hi hil1717,

I do have some experience with toilet training cats. There is a thread somewhere on this subject but I cannot remember where.

First of all I would recommend a book called 20 Days to Toilet Training. You can purchase it here through The Cat Site!

Here is the jist of it all...
*Begin with a litter box
*everyday move the box a little closer to the toilet
*begin raising the box up towards the seat of toilet
*put saran wrap over toilet seat with a little bit of litter in it
(this helps kitty get used to seat)
*cut hole in saran wrap so kitty can hear her potty hitting the water
*once your cat is used to it remove saran wrap.

The book and these short instructions look much easier than the process might actually be. While your cat is using the toilet or trying to, be sure to leave the box out for just in case.
Also, if kitty is having "accidents" on your bed or in the living room re-evaluate the toilet thing. Your cat may not like it and it could be disturbing her.

Good luck to you... if it does work, I sure do hope you have 2 bathrooms.. LOL
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