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A (probably) aprocryphal story of karma...

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There once was a man who hated cats. He hated cats so much, he purposely trained his dogs to chase them, attack them, and kill them. The problem was, there were so many trees around his house that his dogs actually had lots of practice in the chasing, but very little practice in the catching and killing.

So, one day the man went around to everyone advertising "free cats" and picked them up, promising of course to provide them a good home. He only picked up adult cats, because he didn't want to have to keep them around for any length of time. He managed to get about 20 cats in one day. He put them in a few large carrying cases, put his dogs in the back of his pickup truck, and drove out to the country where he found an open field with no trees within a mile or two. He took the cages out of the pickup, then moved the pickup a few hundred feet away, with the dogs still in the back. He opened all the cages and let the cats out, then called his attack dogs over to catch and kill them.

All this is, however, largely speculation from the police investigation. They were called by a farmer to investigate what looked like a brutal beating and murder in one of his fields.

Because, of course, when the fellow called the dogs over, the cats climbed the tallest object around. Can you imagine what it felt like to be climbed by 20 terrified cats?

(This is an old story, by the way, and probably not true.)
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Ahahahahaha Perfect.
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Would be great if it were true!

I have a (not so good) 'friend' who hates cats, he trained his dog to chase cats, he thought it was funny (funny!!) his dog got knocked over and killed by a car when chasing a cat across the road.

This is a true story.
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