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Eating less

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I have an older cat (not sure how old because he was a stray) that was always a healthy eater. I fed him moist food in the morning for breakfast and at night for dinner. He would always gobble it up and then finish my other cat's food. I always leave dry food out as well. He would munch on it periodically during the day and night. Lately, he only eats a little of the moist food and doesn't seem to munch on the dry food as often. I don't think he's sick. He just had his annual check-up at the vet. He had an infection which went away with antibiotics. Could it be that because he's getting older his appetite is slowing down? I thought this would happen gradually but it's so abrupt I'm concerned. He doesn't act sick so I haven't considered bringing him back to the vet unless he starts losing a lot of weight. Does anyone have an answer for this?
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See if you can talk to the vet by phone for a few minutes (they do that sometimes :-) and see what he/she says. Their appetites do slow down some, but only you can judge how fast it's happened and to what extent. Better be safe than sorry!
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I'll call the vet tomorrow morning before I leave for work. He also threw up this morning. I wonder if he has some kind of kitty flu. Maybe he caught something at the vet? All his blood work came back fine the second time.
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I had to take my cat to the vet again. This time they took xrays. There seems to be some hard stool matter in his intestine that may be causing the problem. I have to give him a stool softener to try and dislodge the stool. If that doesn't work they'll give him an enema. I hope this takes care of the problem and my Boo Boo will start eating normally again.
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