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I hate snow.

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There, I've said it. The fire alarm went off, then the carbon monoxide alarm went off, and then I noticed a gassy, sweet smell coming from the furnace. It took around five minutes to notice that the furnace wasn't working. So, my dad, who is arthritic and not in the best of shape, decides to go out on his own to rescue the furnace pipe. It was buried in the snow. The pipe was completely covered. The snow was up to my waist, and it took me and my mum to carve a path out. Finally after twenty minutes, we reached it. It was hard work. Getting back was worse because my dad had to literally crawl back into the house. In the morning we're going back to clean the pipe out .... *sigh*

This snow is insane. The drifts are literally covering the front porch from the lawn, the snowdrifts are ten feet high, and everything is shut down. Church has been canceled because of a no parking bylaw. We've been snowed in.

The number on the monoxide meter is going down fast. But it kind of freaks me out still .... What if the meter wasn't working? what if our power went off? What if someone was stuck in the snow and we needed an ambulance? Our street is so narrow only one car can pass through.

That's it, I'm totally ready for Spring.
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well that sounds like a day from hell! I hope your dad is ok, you seem to be coping a lot better than i would! i hope the snow clears soon for you
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You guys did have a really hard time. I know I am really sick of it. This is the most snow we have had at one time here this year and it is almost the middle of March. I think all of the churches but a few of the Catholic churches have cancelled services. I haven't been out in it but I have to this evening to go to work. We aren't as snowed in as you guys are, we got about a foot but it was windy so we have some drifting, as long as I can get to the main road I should be okay. A guy with a blade on his four wheel drive has been around doing the streets in the complex so it is just a matter of getting out of my parking space. If I had been thinking before this hit I would've switched my car so it is backed in, it's front wheel drive, but I didn't do that.
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We're snowbound here too. It just wont stop and its driving me nuts!! We had alot of the snow melted and then here comes a bunch more! In South Dakota you kind of expect it though and Im sure you do to in Canada! I hope you can get out of your parking spot!! I have the luxery of a truck that has a plow on it to get me out and about! Good luck to you!!
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I just heard that we got almost 21 inches, I thought it was only about a foot. I managed to get my car dug out and was able to get out of the parking space. I found out how out of shape I am. I ran up to the store to get coffee and was hoping no one took the spot I was in while I was gone. I really didn't feel like clearing out a whole parking space. All of the empty ones were empty when it snowed so they are really snowed in. It's supposed to be 50 by the end of the week and we just had heavy rains last Tuesday so it's going to be a mess when all this stuff melts.
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Yikes you certainly did have a bad day..

I agree with you about the spring thing that's for sure we got about the same amount of snow yesterday and lastnight as well. It's going to take at least a couple of days to get this mess cleared away..
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We're all okay this morning. It must have looked pretty funny with all of us in any hat that we could grab off the rack (my dad had my mum's fake leopard fur hat on ) us cursing, stumbling and shoving our way around at 3:00 in the morning .... The neighbours must have wondered!
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I hate it too. My whole city is still shut down. You know it's serious when they close Church and Bingo.
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