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Gibby Memorial Tattoo

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People had asked for me to show images of my gibby memorial Tattoo, so here's one taken the day I got it, so it's a little Shiny, but it's going to take a while before it looks it's best! ( I waited a few days to see how it would heal up)
The design covered parts are where he was orange.

My boy:
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Oh Denise, that is a gorgeous tat! What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful boy.
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Thanks heidi!
I forgot to add that since it's on the inside of my ankle (his tail wraps around the bone a little and wags as I walk) it hurt like a... thing that really hurts! intil it got above the sock line. OMG Baaaaaad.
so worth it though, even if I hd sweat running down my back in rivulets nd nealry levitated out of my chair.

The design is actually (modified, of course) turkish, just like he is.
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very nice! i have a 'memorial' tattoo, as well - for Mouse & to celebrate my weight loss... it's partly for Mouse, but it's got Pixel's colors. i guess that's somewhat appropriate, since they were littermates.
the artist said Pixel's markings would look the most striking.
here's a link [so as not to hijack!]
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That is absolutely stunning! What a beautiful way to remember your special boy!
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Thats a great way to remember!!! Very beautiful!
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it's lovely!
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Oh wow, its beautiful!!!
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Wow that looks amazing!
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What a gorgeous tattoo!!
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That's just beautiful!
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I love it!!
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That's a really unique tattoo, Denise, and a great way to memorialize Gibby!
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