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Saturday Daily Thread

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I don't think I started a DT in ages!

It's Saturday evening over here and already dark outside. The last 3 days have been too busy! Heck, the last 3 weeks, months, years... :tounge2:

Hubby was feeling down all day yesterday so I decided to take the day off and make this a family resting day. We started the day with a short walk at the local Roman ruins. It's a beautiful place with Roman baths, a fountain and a little stream (which fills up the pools the Roman had built), all surrounded by a lovely natural orchard... Lovely! It was a lovely day - blue sky, lovely weather and everything was so green with fresh spring grass! Ahhhhh !

We spent about an hour there and then go back home. Hubby is still very weak from his liver problems or CMV (we're not sure what's causing it), so we didn't do much the rest of the day - just tried to entertain Ron at home.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!
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Well...my day started with a 'most embarrassing' moment.

Hubby is FINALLLY finishing the renovations in the bathroom. His cousin is helping him. So...he sends him to the basement to check the pipes. I walk in the bathroom and say: "yay! almost done!" hubby tells me: "Check this out. I've just tightened all the pipes" So I say "Woooohoooo! We can finally take a shower together" Meanwhile.....his cousin is right downstairs, up on a ladder, right by the pipes that are sticking out through the hole in the floor....which is right by my feet. *ahem* Hubby is laughing his head off and so I say (while I am beet red in the face) "What? I mean....you know, so we can save hot water!" And then,....I make my way out of the bathroom and back to my corner.

How is everyone else's day going?????

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I'm glad you had a good day! Hope hubby feels better after awhile, and y'all can figure out what's wrong.

Still coughing, but not as bad. Hyper son is bouncing off walls. Have my mum's b-day party to go to later. *yawn* - I'd go back to bed if I didn't have to throw kid in the bath and get ready to leave.
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Anne - hope your hubby feels better soon!
got home late last night, went to a friends house, and when we got home there was a message from hubby's brother, Isaac asking him to help with some work this morning, so he has gone to meet brother. funny, if we ask isaac or father in law to help us, they 'disappear' but if they need help, they reappear.
nothing else happening yet, but hopefully i will find something to do!
hope everyone has a great day!
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OMG Ghys thats got to be soooo embarrassing!!!!!! but thats classic!!!!
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Oh no.....can someone merge this into Anne's DT? I didn't see it! Sorry....
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ummmmm, never mind! :LOL: Great minds think alike! Whoever you are!!!! hehehehe
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Ghys - :LOL:

The only thing I have planned for today is my neice's birthday party. She turned 6 last week. The presents are all wrapped (a cute little outfit and arts & crafts stuff), so I should be able to head out soon. Oh! And we're having a heatwave... 46 F today! It's all ending tomorrow though... back to sub-freezing temps.
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I merged them together!

hehehehe I love those embarrasing moments (as long as I'm not the one being embarrassed!) :laughing:

Anne, what a wonderful day. I hope it helped raise Isaac's spirits.

My husband is away at a conference this weekend. Woo Hoo! Single babe on the loose! Well....*hanging head in shame*...I celebrated being alone by going to bed at 9:30 and sleeping until 7:00. I need to do a bit better than that tonight!

I have a big presentation to make on Tuesday evening and I haven't started on it yet. So, today and tomorrow I will spend trying to figure out exactly what I want to say. I'm presenting a lecture on The Rise and Fall of Sigmund Freud: The Impact of and Backlast Against Psychoanalytic Theory. Believe me, it sounds much more impressive than it really will be.
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Taking it easy today as well. Hubby doesn't feel good, not sure what is wrong, but he lacks energy and has decided to be a couch potato. Right now he is sitting on the couch surrounded by cats, they think he makes a great recliner.

That dad-blasted feral snuck in last night and sprayed the heater again! I almost want to call him Skunk- or Piss-N-Run- I saw him out of the corner of my eye, but before I could yell at him, he lifted his tail and left us a present......EWWWWWWWW! Cooked cat pee---YUCK! Then he bolts out the door and ducks under the house- I swear I can hear him laughing!

So it is air out the house today- and my new City Kitty Ionic Cat Litter Box Purifyer sure turned the trick to get rid of the smell.

New feral Whisp, is doing well. She still gives me her customary "two hisses before I allow you to pet me routine," I will be bringing her downstairs next week to meet the rest of the crew...
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Well, hallelujah! I just finished watching some work guys cut the crap out of a 25-year old live oak tree I have in my front yard! I don't think this thing has EVER been trimmed, and it was out of control. This is part 1 of my upcoming spring break project: the yard. I plan to Round-Up my entire lawn, throw new sod, and landscape. They even tore out some bushes for me. Now I think grass actually has a shot of growing in my yard. This has been an ongoing saga for me. I have contracted twice over the past year with companies to cut this bloody tree, and then they never show up. Never had such trouble giving away my money in my whole life!

Joseph watched the whole affair from the front window. The noise of the chainsaws didn't bother him in the least. This cat is like a dog. Squirt was, of course, under a bed somewhere.
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anne, sorry to hear isaac is not feeling well, but i'm glad you got to spend a nice day with him and ron.


maryanne - what a stinker! that cat has a nasty sense of humor!!! hope your husband gts to feeling better.

lola - have fun at you bday party.

lotsocats - good luck with your presentation. sounds interesting!

kellye - hope you find something good to do.

deb - yay! sounds like a lot of work ahead, but i'm sure it will look great.

as for me, i sleep sinfully late this morning. going to the garden show today and then church tonight, but will probably veg the rest of the weekend.

have a good one, all!
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Had a driving lesson today. I drove to the Home Depot and didn't crash! (This is a major accomplishment for me - I hate driving!).

Went shopping this morning. I was looking at baby clothes to buy for my cousin's baby...boy did I get some weird looks! LOL. All these older ladies were staring at me. I think they wanted an explanation. :tounge2: Ended up getting Alyson some lovely summer sleepers. If only I could fit into them! They're so cute and they look really comfy.

Might go bowling with some friends tonight. We're not sure because the bowling alley is 45 minutes away and there's supposed to be flash freeze tonight. So we might have to call it off. We have all March break to do stuff, so there's no rush.
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Ghys, you're stealing my bit, about conserving water.

Finally, they've opened the Krispy Kreme, in my neighborhood. Popped in there, last night and bought a dozen. Yummy!

Got in and out of WalMart, painlessly this morning. Going early beat the crowds. The dogs eat well, for a couple of weeks. I bought two really cute picture frames. They are ceramic storks and say "Special Delivery". I'm going to give them to Sam, at her baby shower. (She told her friend to make sure to invite Mom and me.)

No contact with Mark, yet. I guess he's doing OK. I got him a cute birthday card and, hopefully, I can take him a cake.

Have a good weeknend.
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Cindy, you might as well just start buying clothes one size larger right now!

We tried to sleep in this morning, but it didn't work. So we got up and ran errands. Now I'm here!

We vaccuumed late last night (I know, a strange Friday night thing to do). Sheldon came out! He sniffed the canister all over WHILE we were vaccuuming! I turned it off and let him sniff the intake end of the tube. I told him we were turning it back on - and he scooted away a bit. Once it was turned on, he came over again! He actually sniffed the vaccuuming end - while it was on - his little whiskers were getting sucked up there! Now he thinks it's a big game. What a brave little boy!

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So, Ghyslaine, how much is that water bill? If I'd known you were a bit short----- You will never live that down; we won't let you!

Anne, I do hope that hubby gets diagnosed soon. I'll keep praying for him.

Renae? Did you say the rise and fall of Sigmund Freud? I know about the fall. I heard he ran across banana peel, and had a Freudian slip.... Ba Da Boom! OUCH, all right, I'll be quiet! (That Renae gets so violent..)

Laurie, Sheldon IS brave. My cats have always run away from vacuum cleaners.

Kellye and anyone else with a slow day, if you like word games or trivia, come on down. I don't have too much important to do. I gave my two little grand daughters a piano lesson today, and I want to write a new chapter for the mystery story in Paws and Reflect today, and then I'll put on the coffee. Who wants to bring the Kripy Kremes? We don't have them around here.

Have a good one, everybody!
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
Renae? Did you say the rise and fall of Sigmund Freud? I know about the fall. I heard he ran across banana peel, and had a Freudian slip.... Ba Da Boom! OUCH, all right, I'll be quiet!
Jeanie, can I use this in my presentation? :laughing:

Ooooh....Krispy Kreme....we don't have those in Western Kentucky either though I grew up eating them in Florida. I am sooooo jealous!

I am taking a break from reading a great book on some of the more wacky thinks Freud said. He was one weird dude!
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He WAS one weird dude. Gary's grandpa knew Anna Freud (and saw Carl Adler).
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Anne...the Roman ruins sound beautiful *sigh* And, hope hubby feels better soon. That is definately not fun. (((hugs to the whole family)))

willieWZ...hope you can get some rest but first: have a great time at the party

kellye, unfortunately, I think that happens in all families....it's too bad. But, at least you know your hubby is not like that!

renae..thanks for the 'merge' lol Have fun tonight! Try to stay up till at least 10:00pm!

MA - hope hubby feels better! Re: Feral, *yikes* talk about a stinky cat! I can just picture him taking off after doing that! :LOL:

jan....have a great time at the garden show!

sockiesmom - wooohooo! Way to go! Glad it went well with your driving lesson.

Cindy....me's sorry! I won't do it again! Promise (or at least until the next time you give me pointers!)

Laurie! That's too funny. Normally Whiskers runs and hides when the vaccuum us on. You have one brave kitty!

Jeanie...go easy on me ok? Boy...I do wish you lived close by. I'd love to learn how to play the piano!

Krispy Kremes...ohhhh....they look yummy!!! darn diet......*stomps feet*

We're going out for supper tonight. It was a promise we made to Nicolas (our 4 year old) He's been having a hard time with wetting the bed at night and we promised him that if he made it to 1000%, we'd take him out. Soooooo, we've been counting 100% per dry morning and this morning was the 1000% one. He woke us up at 6:10am to proudly display his dry pull-ups! It was cute. A little on the early side but...cute!

Have a great evening everyone!
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Mmmm. Look at those donuts! I love them.
Renae, if you're brave enough to use that pun, more power to you!!

Ghyslaine, here's your first lessoh. Find the middle of the piano and two black keys in a group. Play the first white key to the left. That's Middle C!! Wonderful! That'll be $15, please. But you did very well!
I wish you lived near me too...sincerely. I hope the day comes when many of us can meet. Laurie, I'm only 300 miles away. And Ghys, I'll meet you in Erie. Hmmm... Renae, Kentucky's not so far away!

Now, Anne presents a bit of a problem....
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Jeanie....actually my first lesson is: Find a Piano!!!!! :LOL:

Wish we all lived close too! That would be great!
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I went to my granddaugther's frist birthady party! Boy was she a mess after she got done eating her own cake!The new baby kitty;s are doing great.,I am going to make ranch pork chops for dinner then I think I will veg.,the rest of the night.47 today,but back down to freezing tommorrow!Drat!!!I hope everyone who feels icky,feels better soon.
Have a good weekend.
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Originally posted by Anne

Hubby was feeling down all day yesterday so I decided to take the day off and make this a family resting day. We started the day with a short walk at the local Roman ruins. It's a beautiful place with Roman baths, a fountain and a little stream (which fills up the pools the Roman had built), all surrounded by a lovely natural orchard... Lovely! It was a lovely day - blue sky, lovely weather and everything was so green with fresh spring grass! Ahhhhh !
I love everything Roman!! I went to Europe when I finished University and spent a couple of days in Rome touring the sites. I could have stayed longer, but we were on a bus tour touring all of Europe. I think I appreciated them even more because I took Latin for 4 years. *sigh* I so want to travel!

Glad you had a great day Anne!

I'm just taking a break from helping Rob insulate the basement. Oh boy, the fun never stops here!

What is it with everybody's obsession with Krispy Kreme?? They just opened their second location in Ontario (down the road from me) and I didn't like them at all!! Way to sweet for me, I couldn't even finish one!!

Have a good day everyone!

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It's going to be a pretty lazy day for me too. I slept in to about 11:30, even with Trent trying his hardest to get us up around 8:00. I had the strangest dreams, though. I dreamed everything got flooded, like biblical flooded, but it was really cold and I was the only one in my family who knew how to scuba dive, and I was trying to get all the valuables before the water froze over. Really strange.

Hope everyone's having a great Saturday. I hate coming in so late on the DT because I can't answer everyone!
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Now that spring is almost here (and I'm really looking forward to it), we got our first snowstorm of the season!! YUCK!!!! We probably got between 4 to 6 inches of new snow. I WAS planning to go shopping with a friend after work, but we decided to wait until next weekend instead.

My back has been sore from work lately, and it was really bothering me today, so I did manage to stop at the drugstore to buy an infrared heat massager. I tried it out when I got home and it really seemed to help, my back is feeling sooooo much better!!!!

Anne, I hope your hubby can get a definite diagnosis from his doctors soon!!

Laurie, Snowball is just now getting brave enough to not run every time I vacuum.

Have a nice evening everyone!!
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laurie - ed LOVES the vacuum. he watches it while i use it to make sure it's not stealing anything, but he does that when we have company over, too. he'll even let me vacuum him.

lorie - yuck! sorry you got snow. i'm sending you some warm thoughts right now!!
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i vacuumed kahu the other day - he was loving it, just as well as he is deaf LOL
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As soon as the vacuum comes out of the closet, Opie and Rowdy disappear. If it is just sitting there, Rowdy will come and check it out but, as soon as its turned on, they're off and under the bed.
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Trent's my brave baby boy with the vacuum. He hisses and swats at it, like he's protecting me from the horrible monster. He now growls and hisses at people coming to our door since they have to walk past the window in the computer room, even if the person coming home is hubby. Our great guard cat. The funny thing is that he has the tiniest little hiss and growl, you can hardly hear him...a little kitten has more scaring power than he does.
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