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Plum Wore Out!

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Been a busy day for Sammie.

She's an indoor kitty, so 'outside' for her means the lanai, which she loves. Well, she spent hours on end today, due to high winds, chasing rabid oak leaves and the like that threatened our homeland/home security...what a good girl.

Add to that: yesterday we received the first ever Da Bird and she's been playing and leaping and chasing like crazy. Thank you for all who recommended this - what a wonderful interactive toy!

Finally, her lanai moments tonight ended up with her at the very tippity top of the screen...listening to a screeching squirrel who seemed to know she was in a screened enclosure while HE was free!

Sammie is worn out and fast asleep next to me.
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Wish my "busy" days were as much fun as Sammie's!!!
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Sammie had a great day! My Matilda is wiped out too after her busy day of playing with a new squishy ball that she got a few days ago. She's cuddled on the couch beside me right now fast asleep.
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