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Ok really upset now.... :(

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My, i'm so upset right now....

Let me start from the begining, my cats don't go out much, I live in the forest of dean so its all trees and hardly any roads, so they do enjoy a run about in the grass and trees for about an hour or so a day. Which is nice for them with all the trees.

But lately theres been a white cat around he is collared and tagged. It looked like a he to me, though I'm not sure. hehe.

He picks on Simba when there out he swipes at him and pins him down growls, Simba being a timid cat, runs back in to me.

It worried me alittle seeing that and i've been watching them. I'm not sure who owns this cat, as theres new houses where i live, and new people are moving in, so i'm guessing hes a new cat on the block

but this morning I found myself running and crying outside, the white cat pinned Simba down and Simba was shrieking and I mean shrieking I was terrifired and ran out flapping my newspaper through fear, Simbas head was bleeding, I was panicing crying and rang my vet in seconds.....

The vet said it didn't need sitiches or anything he just cleaned it up, told me to keep Simba in.

I really don't know what to do about this, I was thinking of knocking on some doors asking who owned the cat and tell them whats happend.

I don't want to coop Simba up he loves the forest he adores his playtime, And I monitor it best I can, but like today I was literally shaking, thinking of it now, I want to cry my eyes out.

Simba is curled up on me now, he is doing okay, i'm just really worried. :'(
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Why don't you just look at the cats tags and see what it says? Or does he not let you near him? That would be the easiest way. He is claiming the territory and being alpha to your cat. Unfortunately all cats do this but I would find a way to keep the other cats out via an enclosure or cat proof fencing.
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What about this... (read 'him' for 'her') Get a harness at the pet store and take her for walks. Get the kind with a collar around the neck and another around her tummy, just behind the front legs, attached with a little piece on the back, where there's a little loop to hook on a leash. Once it's fitted, you only ever undo the neck part for her to get in and out, the other one slides over her head (first), or off the back end (afterward). Try her just on that for a few minutes at a time indoors til she stops trying to get out of it - it should be tight enough to only let you get one finger under it - in other words snug-ish but not at all 'tight'. And of course get a leash to go with it. Once she gets that she can go out as long as you're around, she'll be quite happy to stand still while you slip her into it and do up the neck part. 'Walking' a cat is a bit optimistic - usually they end up mooching around, sniffing things a lot, and you end up standing around a lot, but you can also 'encourage' her to walk between sniffs. Be VERY sure she's comfortable in the harness before ever going out (hanging out with it on indoors as if she's forgotten it) so you don't run into any problem with her doing acrobatics outside trying to get it off, or being scared by e.g. a large truck going by, or a loose dog, etc. Don't ever just try her on a neck-collar-alone thing as it's too easy for her to get out of (unless it's too tight for safety), plus dangerous, as cats' necks are not strong enough like dogs to depend on the collar for sudden lunges, getting hooked on things, etc. The 'pressure' on the harnesses is transferred to the other collar and back when it's on - much safer.
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Oh Im sorry youre having problems with the other cat
Ive been having the same problems with my neighbors dog. I think knocking on doors is a good idea, just remember to stay calm, you dont want to get into fights with the neighbors if you can help it! Good luck!
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sadly this is an all too common problem. i know of 2 other cats who have been bullied into staying indoors and my tabitha has been on the receiving end of unwanted attention from the local tom cat.

i think knocking on doors is a good start but also larkes suggestion could work well. simba would still get to enjoy the forest but with you there.

good luck!
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Simba is not as timid as you think. For the bully white cat to be able to pin him down, it is because Simba stood up to him. Submissive cats will ran away the moment they get the scent of the dominant cat and avoid it at all costs.
As Jen and Tab said this type of cat confrontation is common and yes, you may want to knock on doors to find the owner of the bully and ask if the cat is spayed/neutered. Sterilization will lessen some of the cat's aggressive behavior. In addition, territorial disputes are settled by the cats themselves and unfortunately, they are sometimes quite bloody. You can either keep Simba indoors or join him outdoors or even be Simba's bodyguard against the white bully until whitey learns his place.
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Sounds like an unneutered male to me. And they can and will kill other cats in fights. Friend of mine lives on a farm and they've had a tom come on the property and kill several females. It was a feral one and I think they wound up shooting it.

You can try contacting some neighbors and seeing if anyone close owns him and have a talk about what the cat is doing.

IMO I'd not let your cat out unsupervised. Can you build a cat enclosure for him to sit in instead of roaming? Or teach him to accept a harness/leash and walk around with him.
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