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Neutered Thursday-Peeing on carpet today...

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My guy was neutered on Thursday, came home that afternoon, and has been doing great(active, eating, loving, etc.)...now, this morning, we put him out of the room so we could sleep in a little, and when I woke up and opened the door, he had urinated right on the carpet outside the door. I checked his box, and he has been going in there too, so, my question is...should I just watch him for now? Do you think it might be related to the neuter? Or do you think he might have been PO'd about us kicking him out of the bedroom? He is acting normal, has eaten and drank today, and has used the litterbox today no problem. Please advise! I am just worried about a UTI--he has never had one, but I don't want to start. Thanks!
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If I had to guess, based solely on the info you have given so far, I'd say: P.O'd because you kicked him out.

Cat's are inclined to be vindictive at times.

You should watch him closely though, it could easily be something else.
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i agree, it does sound like you have one miffed kitty there! but keep an eye on him too.
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I agree, if he does it again or seems to go to the litter box a lot with little or no results in the next week or so, have him checked for UTI.
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thanks everyone--no more "accidents" as of right now. Coincidentally, no barring him from from the bedroom since then....what a stinker...
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i think it sounds like he really was mad and missed you and was letting you know he was offended, bless hit heart
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Maxx peed on some clothes right after his neuter but he hasn't done it since. Not sure if it's a matter of being po'd or if maybe it's after effects of surgery. But he's fine now.
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