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Help! Anyone good at getting out stains?

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I have a really cute new shirt that I dropped a bit of tomato that had mayo on it out of my sandwich and it left a stain! Does anyone have a good method for getting that kind of stain out? The shirt is made of 57% Cotton, 38% Modal, and 5% Spandex.

It's totally cute on me....I actually got it in black and a purplish color. I love them both but that purplish one is my favorite...and that's the one with the stain of course! Here's a pic of me where you can see the stain:

(I was trying to get a good picture with Tasha....she kept wanting to sniff me and not look at the camera, so we settled for this!)
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LOC which is an Amway product will get just about anything out.

If you can't get any of that, then if you are handy and artistic (or know someone who is) - try to paint a pretty flower on that spot with fabric paints. They are in the craft section of a lot of stores. I have a supply of different colors.

I paint pictures on some of my tops to cover up stains
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Grease/oil stain and it's already been washed, possibly given the chance to set in?
You could try cleaners that are made to break down grease, but try them on a tiny spot that won't ruin the shirt. Given the fabric mixture... I don't know honestly.

If you can't get it out you could always try getting a cute pin to wear over it maybe a cat or paw print pin -check that rescue donation site that the thread is bumped up for daily, they have cat and dog themed jewelry - Even if you can get the stain out their stuff is neat to look at.
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try the Dryel Stain Remover. that puppy gets out ANYTHING I swear!
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If its a stain that contains grease/oil but some cornstarch (or baby powder) on the stain to absorb some of the oil.
Remember blot the stain don't rub!!! I use Shout with much success on many stains.
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Magic eraser works good. Might be worth a try!
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murphy's oil soap is good for greasy stains.
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I use Oxy Magic in the spray! Spray some on, rub it in a little bit, if its a bad stain I let it sit for a few minutes and then I wash it with Clorox for Colors! It works wonders!! I had it get out set in blood on more than one occasion!
Did you wash the shirt already?? If you did the stain could be permanent!! Good luck with that!!
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I use Zout for most of my stains. It gets out stains that have been through the washer/dryer already. Believe it or not, Spot Shot carpet cleaner works well on laundry stains, so I keep that handy all the time too. I have vitiligo, and wear foundation on my neck to cover my white spots. Spot Shot removes makeup from clothing like a breeze!
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Yep, I heard that water will 'set' a stain-so I get all of my stains out before washing. The Spray n Wash with Resolve has been working pretty good for me lately.
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The two-part pink-and-clear Shout stain remover works miracles, especially as a pre-soak. Love that stuff!

And what a beeyooootiful dog you have there!
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I've always used shampoo or dish detergent to get out greasy stains. I always have it on hand and it's no extra expense! Just rub a little into the stain and launder as usual and's gone!
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