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My new toy!

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Dan just got me a digital camera! I am so excited! My birthday's in a few weeks, so it's a little early. I am going to the Philadelphia Flower Show today, so I'll take it and practice.
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:eye&mouth Oh Goodie! A New Addiction!:eye&mouth
What kind did you get?

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*rubbing hands together* Does this mean...pictures? Pictures and more pictures????? I can't wait!!!!!
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Oooooo - Pictures!!!!! Go nuts with it - we're waiting! (Although some of us aren't that patient, I guess!)

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I LOVE my dig camera. I don't know how i could live with out it :LOL: which reminds me. I need to get some more pics of the kittens. They are getting so big!
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Same here Princess Purr, I don't know wat I was thinking refusing to get one, I can't live without it :laughing: I take multiple pics daily. BUT, I'm still figuring it out. I just found out that the annoying option that I couldn't take pics with (super-close up option) actually works and now the gold in tigger's eyes are unbelievable!
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It's an Olympus, it can take 10 second movies, too. I took so many pics at the flower show today. It was so gorgeous, it was inspired by a town in Puerto Rico called Loiza. Lots of tropical flowers and foliage and amazing colors. I am uploading the pics to image station right now, so I'll post a link soon.

I'm still so excited. I love taking pictures, and Dan knows that. I could definitely become a picture junkie. That's a warning to all of you.
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the only thing that drives me nuts is sometimes i have to restart the computer to get the photos to unload!
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waw , cannot wait to see your first pictures !!!
We have ours since November 2002 , and we have taken about 700 pics already !!!!
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bren.1 - COOL! I swear by Olympus. My digital is the Olympus C3030z and this camera hasn't let me down yet. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!! Now Start Snappin!

Princess Purr: Have you considered using a media reader with your digital? They are cheap/fast/independent—but most important that won't happen to you anymore...

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