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Gizmo poopy box problem

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OK, so it's been a while since I've been here, but I thought that maybe you'd all be able to help me as you all do so well.

Gizmo, one of Quindim's kittens just doesn't get the pooping in the box idea. Her 2 brothers do, the 2 strays we've taken in do, but she prefers to do it by the door or under the armoire. We have litter boxes, they are kept clean (I'm slightly OCD about it), it's just like she's always inappropriately went places. She favored the corner by the bathroom, but I would catch her in the middle and run her to the nearest box. When you confine her to a space with a box, she hits it every time. She has to be put in a room when we leave for long periods of time.

Vet wise, she's A-OK. We just don't know what to do. We're going to be moving to a new place in a few months and want all of our babies to go with us. But she has to stop this. Any suggestions? This is the first time since I've had cats that I've ever experienced this. An accident, yes. Habitually, no. Help?

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Have you been using an enzyme cleaner to clean the areas she keeps pooping in? That would be the first step. You could also try cat attract litter or additive to entice her to use the litter box.
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Well, enzyme cleaners are a little tough to come by down here in Brazil. Also the additive for the litter. Even the most stocked pet shop doesn't have much in that way. I love my new country, just sometimes it could stand to get with the times.

Any household suggestions for me to give a try? She is a great little girl, just this one teensy problem that frustrates us.
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