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Leg sprain..how long to heal?

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Forrest hurt his front leg yesterday. He was on my shoulder and jumped off when frightened by my husband coming around the corner with shopping bags. I knew as soon as I saw him hit the ground that he jumped "wrong". He immediately started limping - still putting weight on the front leg, but with a defined limp. I called my vet and she walked me though examining him. He's still eating, playing and acting as normal and there are no sensitive spots anywhere on his leg...just the limp. She thinks it is just a sprain and I am to watch him this weekend and if his limp gets worse or his behavior changes at all he will need a Vet visit.

I too think its just a sprain judging by the way he's acting. He still plays, uses his scratcher, etc. The Vet said to limit his jumping around, but it's been difficult because at 9 1/2 months old he's still an active little boy. I also put out a heating pad with a blanket over it on one of his favorite sleeping spots. He spent a little time on it but didn't really seem interested in the warmth.

My question: For those of you who have had cat's with sprains, how long did it take for the limping to go away?
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Jack (7 months old) sprained his leg about 3 weeks ago. It took a full week for the limp to go away. We went to the vet for peace of mind (I tripped over him and hurt him...I was a very sad meowmy afterwards).

She said he knows his limits and if he is playing like normal not to worry about it. She did put him on pain meds for 3 days--we only did two because he just wouldn't have it anymore (was running and hiding when I opened the fridge cuz he knew the meds were in there)

He's back to 100%

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Thanks Leslie. I feel bad about Forrest too cause I was holding him when he got frightened and wanted to jump and I continued to hold onto him causing him to freak out and wriggle.

His back claws really scratched into my chest as he was going over the top of me. (Yeah...thats going to leave a mark ) I should not have continued to try to hold onto him.

Forrest seems a little less gimpy this afternoon. It hasn't seemed to slow him down at all. By next week I hope he's as good as new.
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I'm glad he's acting normal.

I was so upset about Jack but he healed just fine. His age was definitely on his side the vet said--which I'm sure it is with your little guy as well.

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