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Snow dogs!

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We're still in the middle of a snowstorm, and it shows no signs of letting up yet. The dogs, of course, love it so I took them out to play and took the camera with me.

First of all, this is what I saw when I opened our back door... there are steps under all that somewhere.

Now on to the fun!

*More in the next post.....
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*A few more....
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The end! I also took a couple videos, which I will post later when they are done uploading.
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Wow it looks like the dogs had a Blast!!! That is a lot of Snow... we got a couple inches outside but not that much!!

OMG what a Handsome Shep you have!!! and of course the other Doggies are Adorable! Especially the Scruffy Terrier in the last set of Pics.. s/he looks so Petite!!
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Whoooo hoooo! Too awesome! They are having a blast!! I'm glad someone can enjoy this weather!! I love the shot of your GSD with their teeth showing My guys play like that! You would think from a still picture of it, they are trying to kill eachother, lol, but we know better!

My work just called me and asked me if I didn't want to come in b/c our weather is so bad here Normally I never miss, but I was concerned about driving tonight in this b/c my tires need changed. LOL, they are getting done next week, I bet all our snow will be melted by then So I took them up on their offer to skip tonight! I'm planning an outing later with my dogs, I'll be sure to get some pics too!

Thanks for sharing!!
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First Video - Sammy & Marley
Second Video - Thunder & Scooter
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Great pics and videos!!
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They had a blast!!!!

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Dogs are so funny.
Bear hates rain and baths, but won't hesitate to jump in a river and dive under to bite bubbles.
He hates getting snowed on, but loves catching snowballs and burying his head in snow banks.

Your babies look like they are having a great time.
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What great pics! They really look like they had a blast out there!

Our snow already melted today and the dogs are still rolling in the remnant patches of snow.
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Nothing like a good game of bitey-face in the snow!!
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awww! You're dogs are so cute! That shepard looks vicious sometimes!!!! I love the picture of him smashing the other dog in the snow :fail: What a brute!
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aww look's like fun! i want to join in hehe cute picture's!
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you have some good looking pups!
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Awww...I love the videos and great pics! In fact, that first pic in you second post is my favorite (but I'm a big shepard fan!) I sometimes wonder if snow is dog's version of cat nip, because mine just go CRAZY when there's snow. Except for Buttercup (pug) because she usually ends up disappearing in it!

I remember the first time I put Skuttles out after it snowed. She was only 6 months old, and all the other dogs ran out before her....and she just stopped. She was expecting a brown porch, and everything was white. She just looked at me and whined. It was so cute...I had to walk out on the porch first and get her to follow me, doing the "high step" thing. Then once she realized there really was solid ground under her she had a ball! Now, if there's snow, I can't get her back in!!
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