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my mother just resently had to put sand down she was 14 yrs old
but she was having problems with her hips and the vet thought that she might have had some nuerological damage as well we all miss her very much my mom i think misses her the most
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i'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP sandy.
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Rest in Peace Sandy.
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sorry to hear! RIP Sandy
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Sorry for the loss. Was Sandy a cat or dog?
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So sorry about Sandy
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Condolences to your mother on losing her treasured companion. Godspeed over RB, Sandy...
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I'm so sorry Have a wonderful time at the bridge Sandy

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sandy was an orange and cream tabby though she is missed she is not forgotten and i think she is happier over the bridge no more pain
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Oh I'm sorry..maye she rest in peace
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I'm sorry -- RIP Sandy
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So sorry for the loss of Sandy.
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