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Feeding dish..

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I realized that my Lucy Belle would not eat with a stainless steel dish. She has not been eating much lately since I switched her dish from ceramic. So when I revert back to her old dish, she ate her heart out. Wow! I didn't realize that the kind of dish you use could actually influence her appetite. Anyone else have the same experience?
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I'm just learning that some cats are creatures of habit
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my dog Gigi .. will drink out of anything but obly eat off ceramic or a dinner plate
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No, but mine are fed from ceramic or corella dishes
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I feed from stainless or ceramic dishes. They wouldn't go near plastic.
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I think stainless steel dishes smell funny and that is why my kitty wouldn't eat out of it. Also, the food gets cold very fast esp. in wintertime.
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I've found that a lot of pets don't like stainless steel, especially for water bowls. Ditto plastic.

Jamie has us trained: water has to be in onion soup bowls or a flat, wide pyrex dish, cat milk in china rice bowls, canned food on glass salad dishes, and dry food in china cat food bowls. It drives hubby spare when he's responsible for feeding every August!

Then again, our last dog ate and drank out of stainless steel pots. We started using them because he was tipping his bowls.

My parents used to have a cat who would only drink out of the toilet or the dogs' water bowls, which were actually plastic buckets. Ginger would balance on the rim to drink, and ignore her own water bowls. The only food dishes she liked were china airline "dishes" that my mom had picked up at a factory outlet decades before.
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My cat wont drink or eat out of stainless, something about the
reflection I think. Scardy cat.
I use glass Cup & custard dish for water.
I like the flat ceramic /with just a little edge for wet and dry foods.
But where in the heck do you find ceramic flat dish not made in CHINA?
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I've never used stainless steel, just ceramic

but I personally hate eating from stainless steel or any metal for that matter. It has a funny taste and hurts my teeth (hard to explain, and no I'm not biting the metal)

I won't eat with a utensil that's scraped a metal bowl or tin foil type stuff. I'll get a new one.

hey! maybe I'm a cat
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All of my animals have stainless steel bowls. My doberman use to have plastic, but we switched her to stainless steel. We buy new ones every few months.
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My cat would eat off of the floor,
would eat out of plastic,
would eat off a plate,
would eat out of stainless steel,
would eat in her cat tree,
would eat in the kitchen, she has 4 dishes I rotate serving her food on, they are all different.
my cat is 0% picky about what she will, the temp of the food, where she will eat it, and what she will eat it out of, she just wants to eat!
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