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So when I opened my door this morning...

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I saw this:

Zissou came to check it out:

Don't worry, she quite hates the snow. She jumped out into it once and jumped right back in like "Oh, heck no!"

And, we're forecast to have a blizzard starting in about an hour and lasting for several. I'm on the third floor-- that snow is just what happened to drift up on my walkway! There's more, seems like, down on the ground.
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Send some to the VA coast! I have seen NONE this year
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Wow, that's quite pretty - you can see the layers the drift has built up in
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We too have that! From what we can see on an outdoor side table we have about 12 inches and its still snowing!

It definitely ruined all the plans we had for this weekend--it was crucial we look for houses to rent but we can't make it out (we have to drive 45 minutes away). By next weekend we'll be down to two weeks before we have to be out of our apartment! Looks like we'll be living with the parents.

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Cute pictures! Such lovely snow. Such a "not interested in being in said snow"
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hmmmm looks a little like that dreaded S word!
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Man, I know snow is a pain in the butt, but sometimes, I really do miss it.

It pretty much only snows here in Limerick, if we're lucky, three days in the whole winter, usually only a couple of hours first thing in the morning.

I always open the curtains and climb back into and watch it fall til I fall asleep.
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I'll take some over here in Charleston!
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We just got done drinking some hot chocolate with marshmellows - it was snowing (about an inch's worth) earlier - haven't looked out to see if it still is - pc is in the basement.
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I am sorry but that sucks! Bundle up!
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ew i don't like snow, because it melts and becomes too wet lol i know i know, that's weird
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Well, it's still snowing that hard, so that makes a day and a half of it. Just after I took those pictures, my building manager came by shoveling, and now it's back up to the same level. We have a foot, minimum.

I don't mind it, I don't have to drive anywhere! I'll be glad to share it with anyone though!
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I know it's easy to be envious from a distance (and I am) but I'm glad you aren't too burdened by it. Zissou looks quite philosophical about the whole thing.
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That is so pretty - and this is me saying this from the other side of the world where it is quite warm at the moment.
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Pretty but you can keep it
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wow! that's a hell of alot of snow LOL! i don't think i've ever seen that much in my life! how i wish we got that much, where am from!
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Turns out this is the most snow we've had like ever. It's terrible. They can't just plow the roads, they have to plow it into piles and then load it into a truck to cart it away. They're still not clear, though luckily things are melting a bit.

We never made it to a level 3 snow emergency (when you get arrested for driving) but it was close. The counties around here did.

Sadly, I still have to go to work!

eta: we got 20 inches (51 cm) gasp!
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We haven't had any snow to speak of in years!

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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
We haven't had any snow to speak of in years!

watch out - i said that about a week before our snowstorm on thursday...
i still have a few patches in the shady part of my yard!
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