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Cats and Crab Meat

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How good/bad is human-grade jumbo crab meat for cats? Not as a meal of course! Only as a very occasional treat.... just curious because I used some to make crabcakes for dinner (darn no meat on Lenten Fridays haha) and Oliver went nuts! I gave in and gave him a few small smidgens of the crab meat before I added anything to it and he absolutely loved it!! I don't plan on giving it to him frequently at all - my family loves crab (well all seafood for that matter) but we actually don't eat it all that much, but I wanna make sure the occasional tidbit of it is ok for him or if I need to shut him in the bedroom next time we eat crab haha
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it is perfectly safe as a treat now and again. If your kitty likes crab meat "Tiki Cat" puts out a canned with crab surimi in it. My kitties love it.
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As long as you're not giving him butter dipping sauce for the seafood.
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I gave my cats some crabmeat once. They didn't like it at all. They prefer their tuna lmao.
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My 3 adore crab meat. It's a regular treat for them. They won't touch tuna at all.
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My Oliver loves shrimp. He goes nuts whenever I cook it and will steal it from the counter if I don't give him one.
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My first cat Mitten, was a true Baltimore cat He loved steamed crabs. I would wash off my crab (didn't like it that spicy) and he'd sit by me and I'd give him the claws and some of the back fin meat. He also liked the "mustard" too. He'd wait for his handouts and when I was done eating them, he'd go sit my my dad and get handouts from him. Funny thing was he would not sit by my mom for handouts

My RB that I had (she was born in Pittsburgh) hated crab - she wouldn't touch the stuff

So no, an occasional treat of crab meat will not hurt them - just be sure its plain and not spicy with the Old Bay seasoning
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Yay! Oliver will be happy to hear the good news lol... he also begs for tuna juice, which he occasionally gets (darn it being salty) and he's never eaten shrimp but if I'm eating on the floor or something on a tray, he'll steal the tails and play with them haha... he never gets any seasoning or dipping sauces - he'd probably turn his nose up at them anyhow haha... my dog (black lab) looooves all kinds of seafood! We usually go to North Carolina every year for vaca and she (and cat) come with and she goes nuts when we bring home a catch or some leftovers! One year, we caught enough blue crab to cook and my best friend was visiting - she and I were on the back deck breakin open and eating our crabs and we had a big bowl of water sitting on a cooler between us to wash our hands in and my dog started drinking it! haha

Ok, got off topic! But thanks for givin us the ok!
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Jamie gets "human-grade" crab meat 3 or 4 times a year as a special treat, and goes out of his mind over it (ditto "human" water-packed tuna, shrimp, or calamari).
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I hadn't considered giving mine crab meat. This is all good to know though, I'll try it.
Our guys love yellow fin tuna, shrimp, trout, marlin and a variety of other white fish.

They hate salmon. I love it, so more for me!
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Ling and Charlie are not too big on seafood flavors of cat food, so I quite buying them (salmon). They will eat a little human tuna and some of the juice from the can. And will eat talipia fish when we have it.
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Ollie's a bugger over his wet food to begin with... I'm stuck giving him the meow mix market select cups because he just turns his nose up at anything else... and even with those, he wont touch the "seafood" ones, so I buy the variety pack of beef, turkey and chicken (even though the ingrediants list some seafood components).... he's gonna love me cuz I'm thinkin about making a tuna sandwhich or tuna noodles in a minute, lol
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That's good to know! I don't make crab at home as my gang goes nuts over fish products and I doubt I'd be able to have much of the crab.
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I live in Baltimore City, and we love our crab! Friday I made homemade crab cakes, and Pan waits patiently for the bucket the jumbo lump crab meat comes in---it's his to lick clean! He also gets a lump or two in his dish.....gotta love that Maryland Blue Crab!
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