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Obsessed with getting a Kitten much??

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So my Brothers been going out with this girl for a lil over a yr now... well a couple months after my brother started dating her we fostered a couple cats ((Pinky, Boo and Boots))... Shes insisted that shes was gonna adopt Boots. Which at the time we didnt mind because she was fit as a potential Adopter. Time came for her to Adopt Boots and she did... and had her for 2 weeks before her mom ((who she lived with at the time)) Rehomed Boots behind her back... we were very angry about that.
Then a couple months later my Sisters cat had 2 kittens... my brothers GF adopted both and snuck them into her moms house ((who she was still living with))... her mom found them and made her Rehome them.
Then my brother was talking about getting an Apartment with her and as soon as he mentioned it she went out and picked a kitten! well they havnt moved into the Apt. yet so that kitten got rehomed and now that there saving money to get an Apt. soon she already has another kitten picked out!!
I mean WTH! is she not Obsessed with getting a Kitten or what!? She doent even think first.. she just goes out and Adopts then rehomes!! Gosh she makes me so angry!!! She needs to get over the fact that she cant get a kitten right now and has to wait till she knows she can for sure!!
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That is terrible. She needs to stop getting them. It isnt fair to the Kitten.
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She does not realize the seriousness of her actions since the kittens she adopts are easily rehomed. She needs to be taught to be responsible. I pity your brother.
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Its very Sad ... I told her.. I was like "Maybe you should hold off on getting a Kitten till a couple months after you move into your Apt. so you know your ready for a Kitten" and she got all defensive and went on about how they'll be ready for a kitten when they move in the Apt.
My brother doesnt care either way... cuz he doesnt understand cats like we do.. and obviously she doesnt either..
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I just hope no one gives her a kitten again. At least she has given up on the idea of bringing one home to her mom's house. She really needs to understand kitties first. I agree that she should wait until after the apt. move. That sounds like it might be stressful anyway.
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