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naming cats!

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was it easy or hard for you to think of names?

Neo and moe (morpheus) were named after the matrix. It took me FOREVER to name the outside babies. Mostly because i wasn't sure about who was a girl and who was a boy. But i'm pretty sure that sherbert and ashton are boys and Tiger lilly is a girl.
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I have a tendancy for S names it seems. Not intentional though. I have had Sherlock, Sheeba, Sebastion, Samual, Sooty & Samantha.
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The moment I decided I was taking Spike home I had his name picked out... I always wanted a pet (that wasn't a dog) named Spike for some reason. And I think he looks like a Spike too...
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I normally pick a name pretty fast.
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Here are my cats names!

Vader (Darth Vader)
Mischief (Miss Chevious)

All their names took me a while to pick out!
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Tig and Roo are from the Winnie the Pooh show. My M.I.L.'s cat is named Winnie.
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We usually name our cats according to their coloring. So far, we have had Rusty, Midnight (both at the bridge) and Snowball (still with us).

We couldn't decide on a name for one of our cats, so we finally just called her Kitty (also at the bridge).
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Mine are usually named for personality traits. Opie is a mischievous redhead and Rowdy is.......well, you get the idea.
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peedoodle came equipped with the name, and it stuck.
kahu is my countrys native language, its short for kahurangi which means precious jewel. he is precious but sometimes hes a little......... and that word in maori is teko and sometimes i call him that
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It was easy here !

Our first cat was named Sydney , because his mom was named Darwin , an other Aussie-town name !

Maya : At the shelter , they gave her the name "Pitou" . I hated that , because it is a) a doggie name and b) the name didn't fit her at all!!Then I thought of the name of a sweet honeybee in a comic , and "Maya" it was !!

Inka : that was an easy one ! As "Maya" is also the name of an Indian tribe , we chose Inka , another tribe !!!
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Cats in my life.....(past & present)

I can't recall any more....had to think about that. They lived a long time......I usually name them based on their looks or how they behave.

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cats usually name themselves, either based on personality, traits, or even coloring. Ripley was named because she has HUGE eyes that swallowed her face when she was a kitten, and she reminded us of an Alien- so we named her after Sigourney Weaver's character. Squirrel was named, because she is very squirrely and after we named her this, she would start bringing in walnuts off the tree outside and rolling them around the room! Taz was named because she is a Tazmanian devil, running up and down our sleeping bodies all night if she so desired. Kahuna was named, because he was so mellow and smooth, like the drink. Karma, she got her name because she was adopted out several times and always ended up back with us. Bailey and Bartee were named, because as kittens they were totally clownish, and kept reminding us of a 3-ring circus. Cleo, got his name because as a kitten, he used to lie under the fan in the knife shop- much like cleopatra used to be fanned by her slaves. Stryker came out of a litter born after the movie Heartbreak Ridge, we had Gunny, Stryker, Charlie and Bravo, all named after people in that movie. Ghost is named, because he only appears late at night, and lives underneath the house and has little or no contact with anyone. McKenzie got her name off of help from members on this board. We had a kitten whose owner decided to try and drown her, her name was Dunkin, we had a kitten who loved to shred mail so we named him Shredder. The litter a few years ago I rescued from a barn full of tractors, all the kits were named after tractors. They all went to good homes, except for Kabota, who we kept and who is still with us today. Whisp is our latest rescue, I named her this because she was so thin and whispy, and plus her meow is more like a whisper than a full-throated meow.
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Willie came equipped with name. However, I think it fits him. Not too fussy, but dignified. He's the first cat I've owned. My grandmother had a cat named Thunder who I don't really remember (I'm told he used to permit me to dress him in doll clothes!), and my aunt had a siamese named Smedley, but he didn't like anyone outside of her immediate family, so I didn't have much to do with him.

Kim, I once asked about Spot (which you must have sat there thinking "Uh, he's spotted! DUH!"), I meant to ask how GoGo got his name! Sometimes these typin' hands take over for my brain!
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WillieWZ - LOL...yeah, Spot was easy!
Gogo got his name because of his behavior...
he was constantly "On The Lamb" or
"On the Go" unlike his mellow siblings......

Anyway - GoGo just kind of happened...LOL!
See, here's the evidence:
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If I can't think of something I like, off the top of my head. I will go to a baby nameing website, and look up names by the meaning.

I'll just look at an animal, think up a word that reminds me of him, type in that word, and then out will pop names of various origins that mean that word.
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My eight year old named our cat....I have no imagination
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Ours are usually music related-
Leo-for Leo Fender, maker of fine guitars, and he was born on Mr. Fender's birthday.
George-(who turned out to be Georgia) for George Fullerton, Leo Fender's partner in G&L guitar company
Pearl-I'm a Janis Joplin fan
Webb-Webb Wilder and the NashVegans
Omar-Omar and the Howlers
Lulu-Courts of Lulu, a cd by Omar and the Howlers
Fred was the only one not music related, he was named for Freddy Krueger, because even when he was a tiny kitten, he had the hugest claws, and even though I love him, he is kinda homely.
Leo, Webb, Omar, and Lulu have all gone to the Bridge.
Fred, Pearl, and Georgia are still with us.
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coco came with her name.

when we adopted ed. he was pumpkin, but that didn't seem to fit him, so i decided to let my husband's kids name him since it was supposed to be there cat (ha! he doesn't really like them.) and they decided on eddie. i'm guessing they were watching too much ed, edd, and eddie at the time. fits him pretty well, though.
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It was easy for me. I have always liked the name Nakita, so she officially became Nakita Blue!

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Our first two rescues were named because of their personalities - but we picked movie characters that we liked.

Sheldon is from the In-Laws (Sheldon Kornpet, DDS)

Lazlo is from Where the Buffalo Roam (Carl Lazlo, Esquire - a lawyer who practiced 4th amendment law in San Fran in the 60s).

Funny thing is I guess we didn't know them well enough. Lazlo should be named Sheldon, and vice versa!

The rest - well - Julius (Orange Julius) is a big orange tabby. Spooky was always a scardy-cat and gets spooked very easily. Tuxedo is a black and white - and I guess we weren't feeling very creative then. Thanksgiving turned up on - well - obvious. Magic was all black and turned into a real sweetie, but was very devilish at first (thus Black Magic). Shadow is an adult feral who is all black, and we only ever saw him just disappearing into the woods... Attila was the most difficult to trap and certainly earned (and continues to earn) his name. Munchkin weighed 1.9 pounds when she turned up - despite having her adult teeth in, so being at least 4 months old (probably 5 or so). When she went to her new home, they renamed her Annie (for little Orphan Annie). There's a grey and white male who is always slinking around - he's Moocher, the very first feral we saw living around here who was ALWAYS in the garbage cans - "Trasher." There's the really sweet female grey cat - we still haven't been able to trap her. But she might have been a stray or something, because she let us pet her within two days of showing up. But she keeps disappearing... She's Sweetie. There's a grey tabby older male that is always gone like a shot whenever we're around - he's Fleet. There's the mom of Lazlo, Sheldon, Julius, Spooky and Tuxedo - she was just "Mommy." She disappeared after we had her spayed.

...and then there was the cat that started it all for us - a Maine Coon Stray (we didn't know that then). Like all cats, to the unfamiliar with cats and the un-knowing, she seemed ungrateful for being fed and groomed, etc. Gary started calling her Booger, and it stuck. I was new to cats and TCS and pretended like she didn't have a name at first - I was too embarrassed to say we called her "Booger." After some thought, I re-named her Rocky, because she's such a fighter (she survived a Winter on her own!). But because she's female, we spelled it "Rocki." But her new mum calls her Booger. :tounge2:

There's the new funny-faced black cat hanging around here. He doesn't have a name yet.

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