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We got a new kitty!

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Well we finally got another Kitty. A lady had a stray who needed a forever home. She said he come to her a bag of skin and bones, declawed and neutered. He looks to me to be a little less than a year to a little over a year. She said she had him for two weeks, got a booster shot for him and dewormed him. He appears to be in good health other than being a little skinny now. He has clean eyes and nose, and breathing sounds very clear. He was obviously someones pet at one time for he is a very loveable kitty and loves to just snuggle and lay beside you begging to be petted I just cant believe someone would throw a defensless declawed kitty into the cold. He had two small wounds on his front legs one one each leg. They are almost totally healed and he does not bother them at all. She had some medicine from the vet for it and it has healed well. We really like him alot its just gooing to be a long time for him and squishy to become friends tho. He seems very upset around other animals. Im sure the bites on his legs helps his anxeity. While we were at his temporary owners house they had another cat and two dogs and he was very nervous from them. We have him confined to the bedroom when squishy is in the living room and then we switch them around for a while and let him be free in the living room to play and socialize. I also have an extra large dog crate that i will put him in when squishy is in the same room as him. She will just sit there and watch him. She wants to play with him but he is not ready for her yet and meows and hisses at her. He ran out of the other room this morning on accident when i was feeding squishy and ran up to her dish and when squishy hissed at him he snapped at her. He didnt bite her but he tried he even bit me cause i was trying to talk to him to calm him down yesterday when squishy got in the bedroom with us and jumped up on the bed right in front of him. He freaked out and i just was talking to him and he reacted in fear and bit me. Hurt like crap but we left him alone for a minute and he was fine and is still lovey dovey little boy. We are very patient with him and know it is going to take a little while for him to warm up to squishy. I iknow he is going to be a good kitty when he gets his weight back and learns to trust his family. Pics will come soon.
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Poor little guy. I'm looking forward to the pics . :vibes that everything transitions well.
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Thanks for the vibes, he is gonna need it. We did get some stuff from petland called NaturVet its called Quiet Moments natural herbal calming spray, They didnt have the feliway spray there so i got what they had. I will be going to petsmart when the blizzard goes away and will see if they have feliway there.
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Bless you for taking in such a deserving boy! I had rescued a declawed cat from the shelter; she was rescued by the police during a severe domestic violence case. The husband had beaten the animals, the wife, the little kids (oldest daughter was 4). Anyway, that cat was very loving but would bite when she didn't like something. She lived in our office until she bit a secretary (the secretary admitted it was his fault for teasing her by giving little yanks on her tail ) and then the cat acted aggresive to a client ( a guilty criminal, I think that she sensed his "vibes" and was trying to protect me since he had walked into my office). Anyway, I took her home & my DH, my grandson (who was 6 years at the time) and I were all laying on the bed, enjoying a movie and the cat, Miss Tobie, got in the way, & when I tried to move her, she snapped at me. So my grandson put his arm around her shoulders, like a hug, and told her, "Miss Tobie, you're not an office cat anymore. This is a real house with a real family and we love you very much so you don't have to bite anymore!" and SHE NEVER BIT AGAIN A true miracle!!!
May your kitty get his miracle very soon so that Squishy (who should come with a "Cuteness Alert!", by the way) can have the fun playmate she so dearly wants, bless her little kitten heart
Sending mega prayers and vibes for just that
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I hope he comes around soon, I will never give up on him he seems like such a good little boy. Im gonna have a good scar to remember him by (he got me right on the nose lol) but that just makes me love him more. But I can tell he use to be a sweet playful friend and Squishy is just a little love bug, she is so sweet and also seems very patient with him.
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Poor guy! Bless you for taking him in. Praying he gets comfortable soon in his forever home.
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Yep, declawed cats will bite because it is their only defense mechanism. Hope he gets better.
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Sounds like the poor little guy's had a rough time, he was lucky to be found by you well done you (and Squishy!) for being so patient with him he sounds like he's going to be an absolute darling once he's learnt to trust.
Looking forward to seeing the photos
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Update, well they are coming along a little better, they are now actually smelling each other thru the crate, and squishy even has put a paw in to try to touch him and he just looked at her and a very very short little hiss. So much better. Also he is finally eating. took him two days to start eating. I am so excited that he is improving. I took pics but didnt realize my memory card was not in camera and i dont have the cord to get it off the camera so i am looking for my memory card now soon as i find it i will take some more and get them on here for ya all.
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Smokey is eating very well now and Squishy and him are actually touching noses thru the crate now and they are both putting paws thru to try to reach each other. There is barely any hissing at all now. I even am getting head buts from him now. Hes cleaning himself more now too. His eyes are brighther and open more wider now and looks alert like a kitty should. I think he is doing much much better. How long should i keep doing the things i am doing before i let them free together? I dont think i should do it yet but how long is actually long enough. I stiill havent found my memory card for my camera, I am tearing my house apart today to find it. The lady we got smokey from wanted us to email her some pics and i cant do that either until i find my daggon memory card. Thats what i get for being a slob and not putting things back where they go. My mom always yelled at me for it when i was a kid now i am starting to see why cause i sure can aggravate myself sometimes i know what i must have put her thru. lol she still loves me so its all good.
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Heres some pics of him.

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Smokey is adorable.
Thank you for opening your heart and home to this sweetie pie.
Squishy & Smokey
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OMG, what a sweetie pie!!
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He's very cute, I love grey cats. I had a silver persian many years ago called Smokee.
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He looks very sweet!
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Aww poor boy! I can't believe someone would throw him out either.

I'm glad he has you!!! I'm sure him and Squishy will get along soon enough!

He looks like a lover!
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thank you all we know he will be a good kitty will be very appreciative of all the love we will give him.
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Awww, he is adorable!
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