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Has anyone used Flovent on an asthmatic cat? I had Bob in for his annual today and the vet and I were discussing alternatives to long-term Prednisone use. He gave me a prescription for Flovent if I wanted to go that route. I'm trying to find it at a decent price, but in my search I found some comments on side effects in humans, including increased appetite. That's not what I want!!! That's part of the reason I want to get him off Prednisone.
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We talked about a Inhaler with Coco but never tried any.
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My son used Flovent and several of the kids at school are on it too.
Weight gain hasn't been an issue for any of them. An inhaled medication is much less likely to have systemic side effects than an oral or injectable med.
Also, per FDA regulations, any changes that occur during the drug studies has to be reported as a possible side effect. The fact that I've had sinus headaches off and on for thirty years doesn't matter - it would still be listed as a possible side effect if I got one while in a drug study.

Try it. You can always go back to the prednisone if you have to.
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