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Frequent weeing

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My mum has asked me to submit a question. or to search the net. She has a tom that she took in off the street. He had been popping in and out her catflap for years. Then 1 day he turned up with no collar and as thin as a rake and filthy. She has now adopted him and had him neutured. (Owners could not be traced) Recently she has been finding puddles wich she thinks was down to Jimmy or as i all him jim-bob. She has now taken the litter tray out again and he is happily using it to wee-wee in but is still going outside for his bizness. She is a little worried that he is weeing around 5 to 6 times a day and thinks this is too much. She beleives he is around 10 - 12yrs old. Any advise to put my mums mind at rest i would be greatfull. Thank you.
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I'd suggest the vet - a cat with diabetes will drink a lot more and also wee a lot more.

My Bo also started weeing more when he had bladder cancer - his bladder couldn't hold very much so he had to go more.
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First, bless your mom for taking such this poor guy in when he needed a friend. But, I think a vet visit is in order. Best wishes for good news.
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I suggested that to my mum. But i just wanted advice and to confirm. He will be booked into the vets first thing in the morning to be checked over. Thank you very much for your reply's. I will keep you posted of the outcome.
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Please do keep us up to date - and thank you and your mom again for taking good care of this boy.
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I would take him to the vet and test for UTI. Going a lot or trying to is one of the signs. In males, if he gets blocked and cannot pee, he will die in a few days. Please contact your vet tomorrow and have him tested.
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