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2 Months

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Today is 2 months since Billy JR was put to sleep. I went to his little grave today and put some purple flowers next to his head stone. For some reason I always thought that this was his favorite color heheh.
I miss him so much, the hole in my heart gets bigger with everyday that passes by without him. I look at his pictures and it is so hard to remember all the good times when all I can think about is the last 2 weeks that he suffered when he was sick. They are burned inside my head and I hate it!

I never imagined it to be so hard!!!

i just miss him so much and my chest thightens whenever I think of him.

RIP my sweet boy....mommy loves you so much!
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I'm sorry you're hurting.
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Sometimes the healing can take so very, very long What a touching thing that you did, taking flowers to his grave When I lost my Miss Tobie, it kept hurting so bad, and shortly after, I lost a custody battle over my grandson, so it seemed like I'd die of heartbreak. I was even telling myself that I would never let myself get that attached to a cat again, even though I had my other cats, Salem & Cinders. But then my daughter stopped at the pet store to buy her cat Christy a toy, and there were these two kittens in the window, Joey and JC, who immediately recognized me and JC was making the hugest kitten leaps to get out of the cage to me (pedestrians were stopping to say "wow" at his attempts) so my daughter sacrificed her savings, the pet shop owner sacrificed her profits, and Joey & JC were sold to us. Curiously enough, it is Joey who is my "Sphinx" cat - he appoints himself to sleep at my feet and guard my dreams; he can even smell my breath and predict if I'm going to be sick with kidney problems or fibromyalgia pain.
Sending you prayers and vibes for healing
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to you. i know how you are feeling. i lost janet back in oct last year and i still have vivid memories of his last 3 weeks when he went from a big healthy (or so i thought) boy to another tragic victim of FIP. i try hard to think of the good times, of which there were many!

thank goodness that you and billy shared that time together and made each other so very happy. you were there for him when jenny disappeared and together you made things better for each other.

he needed you more than ever in those last 2 weeks, remember that. you didn't let him down.
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Thank you guys so much! this forums is so great to share feelings with. There are not too many ppl that understand my pain so i really appreciate everyone here. Thanks so much!

You guys are right me and Billy had something special and i will cherish that forever, now i have Billy III (and hoping to geta friend for him soon, if hubby agrees :-) ) so i have to give my love to him. Billy JR would want that!!!

Thnks again for the encouraging words from everyone.

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You will soon remember the good times again. Rest in peace, Billy, Jr.
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Awwww May he rest in peace
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I'm so sorry, things will be raw for a long time yet so just take it one day at a time.

Billy will be having a great time playing at the bridge with all the other TCS kitties

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Thanks for the support everyone
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Awww, so sorry to hear how sad you are feeling. It does take time to get over these things. Hope you feel beter soon. RIP little Billy.
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