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talkative cats?

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I LOVE talkative cats!! some people don't like them, but my boys just talk away. if I say what they will meow :LOL: if i said are you hungery they will start meowing alot :LOL: i just love talking to them.
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my cats talk more when we get home from being out for a few hours, like "where have you been? Did you bring me anythihng? Feed me! Love me!" IT's hilarious. We're teaching Roo to stand up on his hind legs and bunt us when he wants loving. We're getting him to sit too, it's so funny!
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I love it when my cats respond to their names. I'll say "Maggie" and she'll say "meow" each and every time -- even if I do it 10 times in a row! My Harry is the same way, except he won't do it more than twice. They really identify with their names. So smart!
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Up until about a month or two ago, Spike has been a pretty quiet guy. The times that he did meow, I'd get up to see what was going on, because it wasn't something that happened all that often. How things change! I moved to an apartment in mid-January, and it's just me and Spike here. I think he's developing separation-anxiety.... he HAS to be in the same room as I am... if he's not, he meows and meows, and MEOWS until I go looking for him. He never used to wake me up, but this morning, at 7:30am, the little guy was meowing for attention. I'm with him almost 24/7 these days, so it's not like he's at all neglected. Maybe he's just practicing saying "mommy"?
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I love talkative cats!
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GoGo talks when he's lonely or sad or hungry....

Spot talks at 4:30 in the morning...trying to wake us up (nerd)

Rocko talks when you startle him, and he talks in his sleep

Peanut talks ALOT while making direct eye contact

That's my boys....:eye&mouth

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Willie only talks when its important! Last night I came out of the bathroom after showering, and he was waiting outside the door for me. Only this time, he was concentrating on something on the floor (I couldn't see anything, for the record). I asked him what he was doing and he looked at me and meowed and looked back at the floor... repeated that several times. I felt like he was really trying to communicate something, but I still have no idea what!

Oh, and when he sees me opening a can of food he circles my feet and meows. I can understand that, though! "Mommy, hurry! I'm starving! I haven't eaten in DAYS!"
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I have cats that talk, and I don't mind them.
I just don't like the ones that cry all night while your sleeping!!!
Most of our family's indoor/outdoor cats would do that all night long.
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Rowdy talks quite a bit: "Mommy, I'm starving!" "Let the dogs in!" "Open the bathroom door!"

Opie doesn't have much to say. Usually, its "@#$%^!&, Rowdy!" Sometimes, he snitches on Rowdy, when she's being naughty. He'll come to Bill or me and meow like crazy and lead us to where Rowdy is.
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Cindy! that's hilarious. You have a tattlecat! LOL

Whiskers meows when shes hungry. Thats it....she's a very quiet kitty.
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Lazlo meows - who knows why? Mommy - I'm in the bathroom - come in here and pet me! Mommy - I'm in the bathroom - come open up a cabinet for me to crawl in! Mommy - I'm in the living room - come in here!

Shelly NEVER talked. Late last week he started talking. It was this little croaky sound. We got really worried - was he sick? But everything else about him was normal. He kept meowing, and wrapping himself around Gary's legs. He DID throw up two days later - round worms again.

We figured he was talking because he didn't feel well. But then it continued. It was so cute, his little raspy voice. When it continued, Gary freaked, so we took him to the Vet. He's fine.

Heidi wrote that Ophelia is like their little nurse.... and I think she's right. I don't know if it's ferals or just some cats that seem so sensitive to our emotions or well-being, but Shelly started meowing and wrapping himself around Gary's legs (and sleeping ON him) just after Gary found out his Dad has terminal cancer.

But it's so hard for Gary to walk around the house now - Shelly is constantly under his feet. With his little croaky meow.
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I swear Nakita is a Siamese in grey fur!!

If you read anything on Russian Blues, they are suppose to be quiet, calm cats. Ha! Nakita rips that definition apart!

Ok, she usually is quiet and has a beautiful temperment. But I can't believe how much talking she does! I'd say she does 90% chirps and weird 'moan' type things, and 10% meows. The moaning is really the funny thing, it's like she is a bad teenage kid who has nothing to do. Like Awwww...mom...I'm bored!!

And to think I chose a Russian Blue for it's quiet temperment! I love her to death though, either way!

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Trent whines, a lot. Pay attention to me! Come into the other room with me! Get out of bed and come here with me! And he has these ultra-pathetic mews and almost-silent-meows. He does these when we are paying attention to him, but not enough (like we stopped petting him for 2 seconds).

Ophelia is generally pretty quiet, but when she does talk she is DEMANDING something. Gimme that wet food you're already getting out! Gimme some treats! Daddy, stop petting Trent! Daddy come to bed!
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My cats are really chatty. I don't really notice it but I have had other cat owners come over and say how vocal my cats are! They will meow for pretty much any reason...my male even jumps on the sink and meows until someone comes in to give him a drink. Talk about spoiled rotten!
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I like talkative cats as well. Sheeba would chatter almost non stop when we got home, as if filling us in on the days events. Sherlock on the other hand chatted only when it suited it him. Like isnt it my dinner time already. I would sometimes annoy him and call him when he was sleeping (or pretending), everytime I called his name he twitched just the tip of his tail to show his annoyance. Of course Sheeba just loved this game.
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