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How many of you have personal websites

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Dedicated to just your cats and family?
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I do, I do!! Mine is just for Spike.

http://www.patshead.com/spike :tounge2:
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Mine started out as just a personal site. then i started making my clay things and now it is a business/personal site. well the store grand opening is monday oh here is a kitty a made. isn't he cute i think i'm going to make some kitty angels to sell on there too.
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another pic
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wow, that cat is real neat! Looks so professional! How much? how much?

My website is just pics of family and cats (mostly cats)
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I'm still trying to figure prices out :LOL: But i'll let ya know once the store is open.
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I particularily like the one you posted. Orange tabby right? will you have different colors? If I can get the figurines to match my cats, I buy them up, check out the fridge magnets I bought yesterday. They were $7 each.Fridge Magnets The only thing I don't like is their eye colors. But you can't get everything right, right? They had all different breeds of dogs and cats, really neat.
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So far I made a black one, a gray tabby, and an orange tabby (the one I posted). i'm going to make it so the person can select the eye color and fur color they want. Those samples are on my to do list right after pins :LOL:

notice it's 4:00am and i'm still on the computer
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We have one for our cats and then separate ones fro few things, you can check all out from here

Click here
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Princess Purr - you're very talented!

Gary has a personal website that is supposed to be "ours." But in the gallery are Vermeer's paintings (his favorite artist), there are no pics of us on the site, and the news section has his political rants. I'm not putting up the link!

I, of course, have the Save Samoa site....

(See below!)

I still have to write up Spooky's story....
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