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Ive Fallin in Love!!!

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So I was Riding around with my Cousin Today and we stopped by one of his Friends house, I walk into the Living Room after being Greeted by a Huge Handsome Shep and theres this lil Mix thing sitting on the Couch. The first thing he does it walk from Couch to Couch till he gets to the Couch I was standing next to ((there were like 3 Couches))... He sits on his Hind Legs and puts his Front Legs in the Air and Pokes me in the side... now having gotten my Attention, I give him a Scratch and he walks back to his Spot on the Couch and goes back to sleep.

I sat down and he immediately comes over and rests himself up against me asking for more Scratches.. which I gave him plenty of! So then his owner comes in and says "Thats Bear, You want him? im giving him away" and I was like "I so totally do!!... but I cant " and then the owners Wife sits down and Bear walks over to her to Cuddle and she Pushed him away to the Point he falls over ((nearly falling off the couch)) and shes says "Go Away!" to him so he comes back over to me were I began to love him. Who does that to a lil Dog!! So then the Lady says to me "I hate that Dog! you want him?" and I tell her I wish I could but with a Possible litter of Puppies coming I cant, then the Shep goes over to her and lays in her lap and she says "I want to get another Shep but I cant because of him" then points at Bear the says "we wanna breed J.D. ((the Shep)) but were only allowed 2 Dogs.. so were getting rid of Bear because he was my sisters dog and she left him behind"... OMG!! I wanted to take him home right at that min!!

I so would have... then id take him with me when I moved to FL next yr!! but theres no way I could convince my mom to let me have him unless Bonnie ((my moms dog)) doesnt have Puppies. Im afraid they'll take him to the Pound... and with him being an older Dog.. who knows what will happen to him
My Cousin said I should just take him home without telling my mom and that she wont do anything... Yes she will!! she'll flip out on me! Especially since the Landlords working on the house next door! ((were only allowed 1 dog in this house)).

I totally want him!! Hes a 7-9yr old ((Possible)) Pomeranian/Chihuahua X... Unfixed. Hes a Light Foxy Red color with a White Belly and tips of the Paws... he reminds me of a Fox! Now I usually dont like Small Dogs.. im more of a Large Dog person ((Rotts, Mastiffs, Dobes etc.))... But for some reason I fell in Love with him at first sight!! IDK what to do.. I cant stop thinking about him and the way there treating him and how he might end up in the pound it makes me so sad.
What do I do...?
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Oh, man. I wish I could offer up some solution for you.

Treatment like that of an animal is horrendous. How heartbreaking. That poor little dog.

Keeping fingers crossed that some miraculous solution presents itself.
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I don't like people who treat animals like that, it breaks my heart.

How sad
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Awww poor baby, that is not right.
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So I casually talked to my mom about Bear.. but I never said I wanted him.. just that I felt sorry for him and how I was afraid they'd take him to the Pound and all that stuff.... and she said if there willing to hold on to him for a couple months... We Can Adopt Him!!!!
I told her what Breed he was and how they treated him and how id take him with me to FL when I move there and she agreed that after we move I can have him!!! Now I gotta get a hold of my Cousin so he can tell his friend the plans and see if they agree! Oh I hope they agree!!

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I'll keep my fingers crossed!!
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Ill keep you guys Updated.. and maybe ((if they agree)) ill try to stop by there place and get pics of Bear.

If they say Yes and agree... im gonna change Bears name to Foxy Bear... I dont think "Bear" fits him... or does Foxy Bear sound to Girly..? or what about Baby Bear..? lol ... hes gonna need to be fixed also

Im trying not to get to excited till i know for sure hes gonna be mine...
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I'm so glad your mom said yes!!! I hope everything works out for you!!!!
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