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Spay question.

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Hi I had breed my cat last month and she was due to have her kittens the first part of April. Tuesday night she came into the liveing room and was bleeding. I knew right away she was aborting the kittens. I called my cousin who it a vet tech and he came over and looked at her and told me she would be fine for the night but to watch her and take her in to the vet the next morning. About a hour later I was in the kitchen and she came into the kitchen and jumped on to one of the chairs and was bleeding kind of bad. I called my cousin back and he came right over and checked her again she was trying to pass one of the kittens and could not he advised me to get her to the vet. So we called our vet office and got the emergecy pager number and called our vet she came in and we meet her at the clinic. she had to give her a shot to get her contractions to get stronger and she passed the kitten. The vet told me she could give her antobotics and I could try to breed her again I told her no that I wanted her spayed. So she said I could either leave her over night or I could bring her back the next morning and they would spay her. I brought her home and watched her all night. The next morning I took her and had her spayed. I got her back yesterday morning and I am needing to know how long should I keep her seprated from the rest of my cats. I know I need to keep them seprated for at least a couple of days but I was so excited about getting her back I forgot to ask my vet and when I called back today my vet has went out of town on a bussiness trip and wont be back until Monday i am going to call monday and find out what she says but I wanted everones suggestions. Before anyone ask my cat is a pure breed show quaility cat and was breed to a pure breed show quaility cat as I was wanting to get a show quality kitten from her to show. She is of such good quaility the vet did not want me to spay her and to try to breed her again but with her haveing problems passing under developed kittens I was not putting her through trying to pass full term kittens. I am not willing to risk her knowing she has already had problems. Thanks for any suggestions.
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It's been a while since I've had girls, and my current ( and outdoor stray) is going to be kept separate longer than most probably would choose. I'd say a few days, at least, since her body has went through so much stress lately. Is she still on any antibiotics? - watch the incision site to make sure it's healing well, of course.
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Yes she is on Baytril.
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I don't know as my only girl was an only kitty when she was spayed.

I do however, want to thank you for being a responsible breeder and a compassionate pet owner.
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I would suggest keeping her seperated until her stitches are taken out (if she has stitches) and if not- for 10-14 days (the length of time they normally wait to take stitches out). This will give her some time to recover and prevent her from running around and playing too soon.

I have a cat who had to have a Pyometra spay surgery a week ago and she is already trying to get out of the room I am keeping her to play with the other cats. But knowing how rough the cats play most of the time and all the running around and jumping they do I won't allow her out until she has had her stitches removed.

I think one to two weeks is a reasonable amount of time.
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She has sticthes on the inside and is glued on the outside so there is no stiches to remove. She was spayed on Wenesday. She came home yesterday and was ready to play yesterday. Thats why I was asking because it is becoming a challange to keep her in her room When I go in to check on her or spend time with her she darts out by me and the chase is on around the house to catch her and put her back in. She acts as if she has not even had surgery. And if it was not for my stud I would not worry about it to much because none of the rest of the guys would bother her but my stud does sometimes want to play a little to rough. Other than that he is a good boy. He is the best stud ever. He has never sprayed and is the best he just wants to play rough every now and then.I have 8 cats all together and all of them are fixed except for my stud and one other breeder female. She is also pregant and should have kittens in May. I am so hopeing nothing goes wrong with her babies. I so want to raise my own show kitty. But if something goes wrong with her babies she will be spayed also. Once they have problems they get spayed. I will not breed them again after they have a problem.
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lol- yes, cats recover so quickly compared to people eh?!?! My mom had a hystorectomy and couldn't do any thing for weeks and weeks! And here these cats are wanting to run and play only a few days after their surgery AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN ON PAIN MEDS! lol.

I am sure that your cat will produce beautiful and healthy kittens in May! What color/breed are the parents?
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Dad is a Lilic and white Sphynx and mom to be is a brown tabby and white sphynx.
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hhhmmm... cool. lol. Arn't sphynxes hairless?

I am not too familiar with the breed but I bet they'll be super cute!
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Sorry to hear of your loss. Even the best show cats can have problems with kittens. I'd keep her separated for about 2 weeks to be sure everything has healed.

Are these the only sphynx you have or do you have another female to breed to him (or plan on getting another queen). You can't let him go a long time without breeding. It can cause problems the same as a female going in and out of heat without being bred.
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Yes they are hairless. I have 8 sphynx. I have the one whole male and had two Queens. Now I have one Queen. She is due in May. Hopefully everything will go ok with her babies and i will get the show quality kitten that I want. If I get the show quality kitten I want then I am going to retire him and have him fixed and keep him for a pet. If I dont get the show quailty kitten I am hopeing to get out of this breeding I will find another Queen to breed him to. He has sired show quality kittens in the past when he was with another breeder. the girl I had spayed was of the best quality The girl that is breed now could have bigger ears but with his big ears I am hopeing to make up for it with this pairing. Also if I dont get the Quality kittens I am hopeing for with this pairing I will be spaying my last breeding female. All of my kitties have free run of my house no one is caged or seprated. I miss my baby we had spayed sleeping in the bed with me and haveing to be shut off. But I know that is the best thing for her and I cant wait until these 14 days are over with to have her back sleeping on my back.
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I plan on getting a sphynx this summer. I have wanted one for so long. When my Cats were fixed I locked them in the bathroom away from the other Cats for a week.
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You don't have your male confined? How often was he breeding the cats? If he's having free run and breeding when he wants, that could be part of the problem with the kittens.
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No he is not confined. He has free run of the house with everyone. He dont mess with anyone unless they are in heat. When one of the girls come in heat he is confined to the bathroom and the girls are put in the bathroom with him. Until they breed. Then they are seprated until they are out of heat. Then everyone is back together haveing free run of the house. He is a good boy. No stud bad habits at all. He has never sprayed. And never trys to breed anyone unless they are in heat. He acts more like a nutered male than a whole male.
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You are lucky However, you can't watch him 24/7 if he's out all the time - are you sure he's only breeding when they are in heat?
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I know I am Lucky. I am a stay at home mom so I am here almost always. And he has never messed with anyone that was not in heat. And even when they are in heat they have to keep sticking there butts in his face to get him to mess with them. Its like he only breeds them to get them to quit pestering him. The breeder that had him before I got him done him the same way as I do. Because he is such a good boy. I have never seen or heard of a whole male that acts like him. He has been a blessing to own. And he will never leave here. When it is his time to retire he will be fixed and stay here. And when he is fixed my other girl will be fixed and I will just have them as pets and will be out of breeding. I know I will never find another male as good as he is.
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That is probably true - you only have a few really special cats in your life
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