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I've been Smudged!

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She's such a silly girl. She walks over the arm of the couch, onto the back of the couch, only to walk straight to where I'm sitting, and walk down my chest while slipping and sliding to get into my lap. A normal cat would just walk from the arm of the couch over to your lap.

Anyway, so she turns around, and lies up my chest so her paws are up under my chin and proceeds to "Smudge" me. She rubs her face against mine until she's sure her scent is over my entire face, then finally settles down. Then gets up and rubs against me some more. My face and shirt are now covered in black fur. She's such a sweetheart, I rarely get big cuddles off her. She's now settled back down on my chest purring away.
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Aww! Duke does this alot too
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Sounds like Molly. She's big on face rubbing.
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I got this from Aristotle yesterday.
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Now you have to put that in your siggy too! I can see it now..."I've been kissed, loved, bunted, and SMUDGED"
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What a sweetheart! I wanna be Smudged too!
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What a cutie!! Being "Smudged" sounds like a wonderful thing
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Awwww, what a sweetie!
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