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This article talks about the bill and also about the proposed changes to it. . . I thought one particular part was very interesting. . . it talks about how Missouri currently has no laws regarding wild animals and we are currently the "go to state" to get big cats. . . do you know if this is true?
Sounds like a bunch of BS just to get the bill passed. I see this is an ASPCA bill. They are just as bad as the others.
Here are the laws for MO.
So here we go, instead of making fair regulations, they listen to the AR morons and make a ban. Way to go MO legislators I hate to say this, but I knew the legislator who introduced the bill was a Democrat. Typical, as are the vast majority of these types of bills. I am not making this up to pick on a certain political party, but if you look up every state that has or is considering such a bill, the majority have been introduced by Dems. Not all, but the vast majority.