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Cat Never Came Back

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Last night my young male cat ran outside and never came back. I didn't sleep at all. I live in the Mountians, on a large peice of land. Pretty far from a busy road.

I am so worried about him. He ran out at around 8pm and never returned. It is 9:30am now. I was up all night calling and searching. It was pretty cold and windy.

He has escaped a few other times but comes right back. He does not like the wind or the cold. I literally take him for walks with the dog. He is friendly with our dog.

When this has happened before I send our border collie out to fetch the cat and she always comes home with him. I say get Paulie, and she goes and gets him every time and herds him back. She's a border collie, what can I say?
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Oh no!! Many that he finds his way back home!
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I sent an APB out to all the neighbours. I just never lost a cat like this, since I was a kid, and the cats basically lived outside. I am not worried about food, since he has proven to love to catch mice in the garage.

I am worried about things like mountian lions and fox and coyotes and dogs and cars, if he makes it to the main road.
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Keep calling for him, I hope he turns up. If so, in the future maybe consider not letting him out after or near dark. Cats are nocturnal (as are many other dangerous animals) and are more likely to try to go off exploring at night.
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I really hope he turns up! Let us know.
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He typically does not go outside at all. He wants to. He tries to open doors using the knobs. He just ran out. I should have gotten the dog, but I was home late and making dinner/dealing with the kids and thought he would be right back, it was cold and windy. He hates wind.

Now he is just gone. A storm is coming. I need to walk the property and see if he may be in a tree or worse. I hate this! He is one of the friendliest kitties I have ever had. Sweet, funny, smart and so affectionate. He loves head butting my dh's 5 o'clock shadow.

I am praying that he gets home soon. We miss him.
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I hope he comes back
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I am so sad. It is now the second night and he hasn't come back. I've called all the neighbours, I call him. I've looked for him. The only thing I have not done is gone to our friend's house who has cats who are inside and outside cats.

Ugh. I can't even stand to think of what has happened to our sweet heart.
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Originally Posted by Pauline View Post
I am so sad. It is now the second night and he hasn't come back. I've called all the neighbours, I call him. I've looked for him. The only thing I have not done is gone to our friend's house who has cats who are inside and outside cats.

Ugh. I can't even stand to think of what has happened to our sweet heart.
I am sending you I know what it feels like to have a beloved cat absent for 2 days.
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keep calling him and sending your collie out to look too. sending lots of come home to your kitty.
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Oh I am SO sorry. I pray that he does come back.
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THank you so much. I am just so sad. I can't stop thinking about him out there all alone. Or what happened to him. My kids are telling me to stop crying, but I feel so bad. I always go after him if he escapes or send the dog. I was too busy, and now he is gone. All the other animals seem down too.

I am praying he comes back, too.
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still no kitty. We miss him so much. I called animal contol, vets, friends neighbors, posted it on community web sites. No one has seen him.
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sending lots of for the safe return of your kitty i hope he comes home soon
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This loss is huge. My hubby and I feel like we've lost more than just a kitty. Like we've lost a best friend.

Our female cat is walking around crying constantly. She seems confused or like she is trying to tell me something and I cant figure it out. The dog is acting weird.

Its been four nights. I just want some sign that he is either coming home or not. I hate not knowing!
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Hope your kitty returns home soon. I know what it's like to lose a cat, one of my cats went missing about 5 years ago now. She just went out and never returned, I looked for her for weeks and weeks before I gave up hope of ever seeing her again. Many cats who go missing do return safe though and I certainly wouldn't give up hope yet. I am praying your cat comes home safely to you and sending lots of. Keep us posted.
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Thank you so much for the prayers and good vibes.

I am trying to remain hopeful.

Here is the thing though...I phoned all the neighbors. Everyone was totally receptive and concerned.

Our closest neighbor, about 10 acres away, acted really weird when I called.
He has a Yellow lab who, in the past, nearly killed our female border collie. Attacked her in our driveway, in our backyard, in pasture. I saw this with my own eyes. She is a border collie, she stays close. Watches the animals and the children.

This Lab ripped open her neck, tore up her legs, horrible stuff. Crazy vet bills. More than once. I never asked for anything except for him to keep his dog under control and off our land.

When I phoned him he was aloof. Saying things like his dog hasn't gotten out in a few days. He has no idea where my cat is. Not in a neighborly way, but in a weird defensive way. I never even suspected his dog until he was kind of rude.

Now I have this sneaking crazy suspicion that my neighbor, knows more than he is letting on.
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Sending prayers and vibes that your kitty is safe out there somewhere. I'd like to think that your neighbor is just being defensive over the incident with your border collie (I used to have a border collie, too - awesome dogs for the family,cats & chickens; JC is a MaineCoon which I am convinced is God's recipe for creating a Border Collie in cat form). Was it at dusk when owls might be about???
I am also sending "comfort vibes" out to you. It is such torture not knowing where they are or what has become of them
Once, my Miss Tobie got out with the plumbers & into their van; they were headed back up to Mammoth when the cat came purring out, to sit on the dashboard and enjoy the ride!! They had to turn around and return her
Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers today that you get an answer very soon! Susan
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I can understand why you are suspicious, I think I would be too. However ,it could be that he was acting that way because he is innocent and when you phoned him, he immediately thought you suspected him because of the damage his dog did before. Not sticking up for him, he sounds horrible, I just hope that he really doesn't know anything. Praying your cat turns up safe and well soon.
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Cobbybear: Thank you. I am just greiving...I guess I am at the anger blame stage. I really feel like a member of my family is missing.

CAtsknowme~It is so funny that you mention Maine Coones. I told my husband last night that if Paulie does not come back, I want to get a male Maine coone for my birthday (Turning the big 4-0). I had Maine coone cats when I was a kid, and you are so right about the temperment. Never thought about the fact that they are the Border Collie Of the cat world.

Paulie's disposition was A LOT like a maine coone which is why we are so heart broken.
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i'm so sorry to hear that he hasn't returned home yet. don't give up hope.
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I have to face reality, he probably is not coming back. I have to accept that, and move on. My hubby and I are not functioning very well right now b/c we are sad. For the kids, it is a lesson. THey are both old enough now to see that animals are important and when you loose one you grieve for it.

I just want to say that in the past couple of weeks I have faced a couple of catastrophies. But what I have found is this Forum. I had no idea there was a cool forum dedicatied to crazy cat lovers! Its awesome. So many caring people. So many cat lovers. So many interesting topics I have not even explored.

So thank you for that and I will continue to post. I feel this is a good forum for me.
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You could print out some leaflets and post them in all the houses in the neigbourhood, also, local radio station could send out message, if anyone has seen the cat. Have you rang all the local vets, local rescue centres etc. Pull out all the stops before you give up.
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I am sorry about your cat. I know how heart breaking it is to lose one and not know for sure. I keep my cats indoors now but years ago I had one that snuck out and we never knew for sure what happened.
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Don't give up hope so quickly.
I have read somewhere that said it may take up to 7 weeks for scaredy cat to come out of hiding. He may be hiding somewhere now.

I may sound crazy but have you thought about contacting animal communicator?
This person I have been using may not get you a cat right away, but will give you confort. http://www.calmpet.com/abouthilary.html.

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I went to her website, and thought It was an interesting idea...but I am in CO and she is in WA. Not sure if it works.

I have called all the shelters and vets.

Tonight will be one week. PLEASE COME HOME OLLIE! WE MISS YOU.

Yesterday animal control visited my son's school. He came home and spent the whole evening sulking and crying b/c he misses ollie and thinks he is dead.
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[quote=Pauline;2216456]I went to her website, and thought It was an interesting idea...but I am in CO and she is in WA. Not sure if it works.

From what I understand, she does all her consultations over the phone anyway. . . It might be worth a try. I don't know how I feel about pet psychics but I think I would give her a try if one of my four got lost.
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Below link lists animal communicators from entire US.

Not all communicators do lost animal case...
It doesn't hurt to try.
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There is a site dedicated to the kind of personality cats have and how they will come home once lost. Ie cats who spend most of their time in the house have a totally different way of thinking than cats familiar with the outdoors. I will try to find it because the author of the site explains it better than I am doing and I too suggest you do not give ui yet. I know people whose cats have returned - through perseverance or even luck - a year or more later!!!

So never give up hope. This is a beloved family member we are talking about so of course you need to keep the faith! Sending you hugs and prayers!!
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Here it is: http://www.catsinthebag.org/

I believe there is even a forum to discuss with others going through the same ordeal of that is helpful to you.

Good luck- we are thinking of you!
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